Drop boxin the box of DROP BOX

Have you tried dropbox yet?

I have a portable version of it on my work computer, a copy on my home server, a copy on my desktop computer at home, and a copy on my laptop.  If I’m at work and I want my server at home to download a torrent, I just throw the torrent into my dropbox, where utorrent is monitoring it.  By the time I get home, bam, the file is done and ready.

This is also good for when I’m on my laptop serfing the interets and I find an image that I want to post to MCS.  I save it to the dropbox, and then later on when I’m at my desktop (and a little more sober) I’m able to post that image.

Or even better, when I’m at work, and I have dropbox installed to a usb drive, so none of my filthy porn important documents are ever on the hard drive, and I have access to all the files that are most important to me.

For each referral to dropbox, you get an extra 250 megs of space, up to a total of 5 gigs in your account.  I need that space for porn important things.  Please sign up and install dropbox today.  Your mind will be BLOWN.

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    ImPORNtant things!


    I signed up for this from the last post you made about it, but I never got around to actually installing it until about 2 weeks ago or so. Hope you got the credit for it still, Tiki.

    Luke Magnifico

    How do you do that utorrent thing?


    I still need a USB drive for using this on the family computer. It has been great, and if I ever get fired, I know the files I saved won’t be gone when they take my laptop out back and smash it.


    I used your link from the first original post and I’ve been using it quite often. Def. have to try that u-torrent trick.