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    lamb, this hasn’t been funny since Emmitt wore that uniform


    Booooooooo Dallas Cowboys Booooooooooo!!!

    Watching the NO Saints play right now. They are looking so good. Really know how to throw the ball.


    Inb4 I came out of my mother’s vagina on this side of the world therefore I call it ____ and I’m right no one else is except if they have the same opinion as me fights.


    I represent this comment!


    Have you looked at any of the older posts on this subject? You’re in for a treat, my friend.

    Crazy things.

    tiki god

    thanks for the heads up, and not letting anyone else know about this.

    I think I’ve fixed it.


    Why do we call it soccer again?


    Fuck if i know, and football should be called american rugby.


    I call it both soccer and football. Only because I played for 10 years.


    It’s simple, really. The game we call football is called football because it’s derived from the English game called football. Confused? Thought soccer was what the English called football? It is… sort of. Soccer was the game called Association Football in England. The English got tired of saying Association Football, and just shortened it to football – only problem: there was already a game called football, so the English then changed the name of THAT to rugby. However, by that time, the Americans had already made football from football and saw no reason to change it. By the way, the… Read more »


    Negative, rugby is called rugby in Australia. Australians call Australian rules football ‘football’, which, if we’re following the original post, should be called ‘eggchase’.


    Ugh. This again? Seriously people, find another hobby.


    I was born and raised in America.

    I am a supreme hater of Soccer, I find it dull and tedious.

    I am a supreme lover of Football, I find it awesome and interesting.

    This picture is actually very true.


    So the Brits are lazy, and the Americans and Aussies are correct. Would would have thought.

    tiki god

    would would you please please me?


    Well in Ireland we use football for both soccer and gaelic football. Deal with that!
    typical conversation:
    “We won at football today!”
    “Which football?”
    “Ha! Gay”