The Brave Little Toaster Fan Art

Brave_Little_Toaster_Fan_Art_by_HanakoFairhall.jpg (150 KB)

by Hanako Fairhall

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    This movie romanticized slavery, it really is just a loose backward version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin using appliances in place of African American slaves.

    Still love it though …


    you’re thinking WAY too much into this


    Look at the time-stamp on when I posted that, it was the inane ravings of a sleep deprived mind … but now that I read t again I stand by my words.


    Isn’t slavery restraining freedom or aspects of freedom?

    How can you enslave a freaking toaster? They *chose* to seek out their master.


    Or so they would have you believe


    It’s called Stockholm Syndrome


    But you have to be taken against your will, then over time develop a dependence on the kidnapper, mainly sustained by the fact he has made you think you’re likely to not succeed without him/her/it.

    I don’t think that’s the case since those things were voluntarily sucking up to his master without much tyranny from the master’s part.

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