Ketama, Morocco and a tree trunk

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    Duude man, tree trunk totally looks like a pot leaf. Duuuude. They should like totally legalize pot.


    They SHOULD legalize pot.




    As long as the Drug Culture lives, so too does the Fail Culture, i wonder if theres a connection


    Was geht ab, Konrad. Wusstest du dass es viele legale Drogen überall auf der Welt gibt? Es gibt nur einen einzigen relevanten Grund warum Marihuana illegal ist, nämlich weil die Tabakindustrie sonst pleite gehen würde. However it is apparent that you associate weed with a culture that you disapprove of, regardless of whether or not they use drugs, or if what they use qualifies to be called a drug. Hence your absolute and hypocritical disapproval. You got also caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, etc. I hate to be the one who has to crush your dreams but you’re surrounded by drug addicts… Read more »


    Who is emery and what are we freeing him from?


    Same question.


    yep, liberal bullshit artists always preach about caffeine nicotine and alcohol EVERY time someone speaks poorly about dumbshits who use weed or other illegal substances. well, as I have spent the last 5 years in uniform, i have never seen anyone stealing things so they can afford cigarettes alcohol or caffeine, though i HAVE personally seen lowlifes steal things to support illegal substance habits so let me get this straight,….you want things to change from being lowlifes committing criminal acts to support an illegal habit,….to being those same lowlifes committing criminal acts to support a legal habit, ….then try to… Read more »


    I was merely talking about weed, not about all drugs. As for your whole drugs make people become criminal argument – well no kidding smartass. It’s difficult to keep up an illegal addiction because it’s illegal. The criminality is a direct result of the substances in question being illegal. Don’t be so intellectually dishonest Konrad. Or are you trying to tell me that alcohol can’t ruin someone’s life? And you might want to visit some of the poorer areas of this world, you will see plenty of people who try to steal cigarettes because their bodies crave nicotine so badly.… Read more »


    You’re so awesome, DieA! ^_^


    Generally not so much w/ cigarettes, but alcoholics will do anything for alcohol. If they can’t maintain a job to pay for their alcohol, they will steal, prostitute themselves, anything to find a way to get money for alcohol, including buying Listerine, rubbing alcohol and even antifreeze.

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