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    Ok, admittedly, this looks cool. I just can’t understand how or to what benefit there would be behind the wheels/tires?

    A track system, similar to what’s available for trucks/SUVs in the artic, would make sense but tires-driving-tires makes no sense whatsoever. If the tires, that contact the ground, would meet any type of resistance the lugs of either the drive tire or the ground tires or both would start to break apart and shear off.

    Steering looks like it would be a ton of fun, too.

    tiki god

    I think it was so you could change the tires without going out


    Book had them rotate out as they went flat, but there was a fun bit in the movie where they crossed a river and the wheels were thrashing like a paddlewheeler.

    Luke Magnifico

    This. Tires-driving-tires?

    Why would you even think of that?



    If you didn’t understand what I meant…ask.

    Again, I haven’t seen the movie to see it in action but it looks as if possibly the top tire drives the bottom two but that would only work if the bottom two aren’t directly connected to each other which is probably the case. Understand?



    I’ve always loved this thing. I think the tri-wheel idea is sound, though impractical. If memory serves, none of the tires actually touch each other, they are all geared hub driven, much like a Hummer H1. Actually, if you think about it, if they actually did touch each other, the vehicle would go nowhere. However for climbing rocky, irregular surfaces, the tri-wheel arrangement would technically allow much larger approach and departure angles, making it a much more capable off road machine, in some scenarios even more so than a tracked vehicle. However this technical advantage is completely negated in this… Read more »


    also, tires make it moar badass


    Steering, no. This thing doesn’t need to steer around obstacles. It goes through them.


    It turns like a tank, with rear and forward drive on all wheels.

    I’m guessing.


    It remindes me of the big ship from star fox


    i remember in the movie the rig would hit a bump at speed, and the tires would rotate until they got traction again. i’d like to see the test footage of this vehicle. wikipedia says it took a 25′ jump with no problem.


    The black guy gets eaten by radioactive coachroaches or something. The sky looks like an acid-trip test pattern for much of the movie too.

    I liked the main character in air wolf better as well.

    Shit, I’m getting old.


    The book was better, but it usually is.


    I vaguely remember this movie.. I remember the cockroaches and the Landmaster but that’s all. Maybe Hollywood should consider this movie as a remake instead of ones from the last few years. I’m still waiting to hear they are going to remake Indiana Jones… wait and see.. it’ll happen…


    Reminds me of The Martian Chronicles.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Reminds me of Ark II. Does anybody else remember that? (Damn, I’m old.)


    This thing is fugly. and not in a sexy way

    Moddy Cassem


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