Final Fantasy

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Numbers V through XII minus XI plus Tactics

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    I still never got to play the original Final Fantasy Tactics. I’ve played the GBA and DS versions though. OH SHIT I STILL GOTTA FINISH THE DS VERSION!

    Ogre Tactics on GBA was also fun.


    Play it.

    It’s the only Final Fantasy aside from Final Fantasy 6 that I’ll still stick up for with all these new (post-FF7) Final Fantasy fans.

    Of course, it was made as the first and final collaboration with the Ogre Battle people, so it’s really a Ogre Battle game with the Final Fantasy label stamped on, but I let it slide. That’s also, in case your curious, why all the other Final Fantasy Tactics on the Game Boy sucked so unbelievably badly.


    Final fantasy 1 FTW.
    “Four white mages? It’ll never work!”


    Are we talking NES original or friendlier remake?

    Because the original was hard enough without handicapping yourself like that.


    NES original, (Which just hit Wii’s Vc.)
    You can totally with with 4 white mages.


    Win with*


    Can you cast more than 9 spells per level? I mean at all, not the 3 you can memorize. The original NES version is brutal. I don’t know how I beat it at 7.


    I haven’t played it in years. My sister has my Wii right now so i downloaded the rom in lieu of the VC title. I’m going to play through with 4 white mages and lets see how it works for me. I havent beaten this game since i was like 4-5.


    How does it feel knowing you’ve never played a real game in your entire life?


    Well I’ve never played any of the FF games. So I win.

    Dj. DreamStar

    awesome but 2 bad u cant play none of them in your PS3 HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Sony Fail

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