Harold the Ghoul

harold.png (183 KB)

A screenshot I took a long, long time ago. I believe it was from my first encounter with Harold, in the Hub in Fallout 1. I’ve been using Harold’s head for my avatars ever since.

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    OMG casemeths in his true form!!!!


    I’ve only played Fallout 3. I really should try the others when I get a chance


    You uncultured swine


    you need your drug of choice, a weekend, and, to be honest, some patience. we’re used to better games, graphically, by now.
    its still the best game since chess.


    Aw man, one of my favorite things to do in FO2 was to reverse pickpocket some ticking dynamite onto the thieving kids in the Den, then run across the street and lmao when the little bastards would explode. Also, a little thing that really pissed me off in FO3 was how they took away the alternate methods of entering a locked door, such as a shotgun, a crowbar or a sledgehammer (especially the supersledge), or dynamite, or if you were strong enough; a good old fashioned kick. Truly, the simple fact that I was denied the ability to kick junkies… Read more »


    I’m not convinced you actually played the game. I don’t recall nut-kicking. And unless the alternative lock-picking methods were something they added in tactics, I’m pretty sure they weren’t in Fallout 1 & 2. As I recall, Tactics was a flop with the fans, so they probably didn’t want to draw on new elements in that game for Fallout 3.


    How could you not remember being able to make called shots to the groin? And there weren’t alternative lock-picking methods; In fallout 2, you could attack doors, which would destroy them.
    Both kicking and being able to attack doors were in Fallout 2 but not Fallout, so you may have just not played Fallout 2.


    Uh yeah… targeted shots to the groin? I think it is YOU who did not play those games. By alternative methods of entering a locked door I do mean attacking the door. Except the crowbar, you could “use” a crowbar on a locked door or chest and if you were strong enough, open it.

    I thought it was absurd how all those rotten half crumbled old wooden doors in FO3 were invincible even to mini-nukes.


    And Tactics was fantastic. I still have a great time replaying it.


    Superb choice.


    thats a good avitar


    The ghouls in fallout I and II were the best! I always wanted a rad scorpion for a pet.


    OK, so I got serious question now.

    I love Fallout and Fallout2, seriously, love. I also liked Morrowind a little, but never finished it. And I didn’t play Oblivion, simply lack of time.

    Should I play Fallout 3? The GOTY edition is comming, and that’s why I’m asking…


    Harold was better in Fallout 2 with the tree. 🙂 Asymon, do you like first person perspective type games? Because Fallout 3 is basically a first person shooter with some RPG elements added in. They added the VATS system to help targeting, but it is limited use, if you overuse it you can’t use it for a while, so you have to rely on old fashioned FPS twitch reflexes to aim for a lot of fights. The story is pretty good, I haven’t checked out the expansions but the main story is good. However I did find it frustrating finding… Read more »

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