Final Fantasy IX

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Vivi. Hells yeah.
Steiner and Beatrice – when the sideshow out-rocks the main stage.
Zidane Tribal (the guy) and Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (aka Dagger)
‘nough said.
The Four.

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    Never got too into 9.
    For the love of me, I can’t figure out the infatuation with Vivi. He was a clumsy kid. BFD.


    I thought the game was a mass improvement for 8. Not many people like draining the monsters for spells and having to hit up all the magic wells. The fourth picture rocks.


    Eh, I liked 8. Better storyline by far and I thought the draw system was interesting what with the stat linking to your spells.


    I liked 9 much more than 10 or any that came after it. 7 and 6 are a tie for my favorite, with 1 thru 5 sharing second place and 9 in third. 8 would’ve gotten 4th place, but FF Tactics slipped the judges some gil and so it got 4th while 8 and 10 share 5th. The newer ones just haven’t interested me. Still, the Zidane turning into a pink monkey thing was really gay and stupid, even for a FF game, which usually gets away with gay and stupid by making it endearing. But it was still fun… Read more »


    Still looks like fucking gay ass Orko from He-man to me


    This is exactly what I was thinking…


    I liked 9 way better than 8. It’s tied with 7 for my favorite I think. 8’s characters were all so bitchy. It was really hard to like them. I like that 9 has more of an old school feel to it.


    I liked 9 too but I just couldn’t get into it… I think it was the invisible monster attacks. Yes, I realize they’d been in every previous FF game, but I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I’m so fucking thankful that they FINALLY got rid of that stupid shit in FF12.


    No Aramant? FAIL.