Aion: The Tower of Eternity – Part 1

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    The game looks pretty, but I’ve heard some things that make me not care to play it. It sounds like it is mostly PVP focused and that you get the wings, but most of the areas while leveling up you can’t fly. There’s no good reason why you can’t fly (such as dangerously high powered wind, or magical anti-flying spell or anything), you just can’t.


    Actually, I was skeptical about this game, but the more I play it the better it is. The flying thing is annoying… they don’t ever explain it but there is this crap you can gather in the game called “aether” and anywhere there is aether you can pretty much fly. You can pull your wings out and glide everywhere else. I just assume the flying is aether dependent. It is a good game though. It is pvp focused overall but there are dungeons and crap just like in WoW to run. The fighting animations are pretty cool looking.


    I really don’t want to change games at this point when I know I’ll be switching to SWTOR when it comes out next year. Until then I’ll happily keep playing WoW.


    Looking also aion review and vote please.