Texas RenFair

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The Texas Renaissance Festival kicked off this weekend and as a 10 year tradition my best friend and I went out with our spouses to have a bit of fun and do some people watching. Most of the shows stay the same, but if you enjoy just watching folks, then I can tell you that this is a target-rich environment. Sometimes you wonder where the banjo soundtrack is and sometimes you just really wonder what the hell they were thinking…

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    I have a friend that used to work at some kind of ice cream booth or something at one of these.

    I never went.


    That bottom picture looks like someone got on the wrong bus.


    They shouldn’t be allowed to take buses or drive cars to these things.

    And yeah, dude looks sci-fi.

    fracked again

    Scifi cosplayers go to these things and pretend that they have gone back in time or arrived on a medieval planet.


    Looks like the Gothic people didn’t get the memo about there being a Renaissance.


    I’ve been to a few renfairs ( NY, MD, VA) and always have fun. It’s been a few years though.


    i just went to one in CT last weekend
    so much fun
    i’ve gone to them since i was little with my dad lol


    That is not Renaissance.

    This is Renaissance:



    And for the record, I’d totally annihilate the girl on the right in the third picture.


    For the record, you would never get the chance.

    But the chick is hot.

    Too bad she’s with a nerd


    The only one I know of is in Waxahachie and they are doing a mass haunted house right now. Where is this one at so I can try to go?


    basically in Houston, Tx

    here’s the website



    I think it would be fun to wear full armor or act like the king that I truly am.

    “What hast thou peasants brought thy king for todays feast? What is this mockery? OFF WITH YOUR HEADS!”

    Then, as the crows riles up, I shout “SILENCE”.

    Fuck yeah.


    Do you live in the boring suburbs, but dream of living in a lonely castle on a wind swept moar?

    Do you long to trade in your sweat suit for a hundre pound suit of armor and swap your S.U.V. for a noble stallion?

    Do you eat microwave dinners, all the while wishing you were roasting a suckling pig at a pagan banquet?

    Is your next ideal home improvement a moat?


    Goth kids wanting an excuse to go out unashamed? Even remote historical accuracy weeps.


    Halloween is kinda…bad. TONS of people wear their terrible $2.99 costumes from Walmart and you see the same thing like 50 times.

    Me and my friends and family get dressed up and go either the Highland weekend or the Christmas one. Highland weekend has tons of people wearing legit costumes.

    Pics will be posted.


    i would totally annihilate the girl on the left in the third picture


    Beards turn me on too.


    I love the TRF! Haven’t been there in about 10 years but the last time I was there, lots of women were wearing chain mail underwear/bikinis and that was usually it. Wish I would have had a digital camera then. Oh well, there’s the Ohio one but isn’t nearly a comparison because the TRF is huge compared to the one north of Cincinnati.


    “For a start, we never even noticed the renaissance. The renaissance was a load of bloody Italians poncing around claiming to be the golden age of the Greeks come around again.

    Nobody in England had even heard of the renaissance until it had been over for centuries.”

    “Well, the first thing that’s wrong is there’s no shit. I mean, that’s the thing about the past people forget. All the shit. Animal shit. People shit. Cow shit. Horse shit. You waded through the stuff…

    You should spray ’em all with shit as they come through the gates.”