Hot and Plausible Lady Scientists

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Sci-Fi Wire created a way to decide who is the hottest and most plausible of fictional female scientists.


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    Who’s the retard who marked Helen Hunt and Elizabeth Shue as “not hot”???


    Rachel Weisz in The Mummy / NOT HOT BUT PLAUSIBLE = Chart FAIL and confusing


    Chart FAIL – my thoughts exactly. Rachel Weisz is at the extreme right-edge of the chart, for any normal man with adequate vision.


    Haha this is awesome. Scully FTW! I don’t know all of those but she’s my favourite. Tara Reid is still good looking though, even with her messy tummy. I also agree with NoOneInParticular on Elizabeth Shue. Helen seems quite beautiful too, but she’s obviously older.


    What about Jodie Foster as Dr. Eleanor Arroway in Contact?


    ookay, why is Amy Acker 3 units of hotness better as Whisky but not as Dr. Saunders? It’s the same person…


    Yes…Shue needs to be higher. They probably put her lower to get more in the lower left box. What movie maker would miss-cast a woman to play a scientist, unless she were hot?


    Chart = fail

    #12 Rachel Weisz = not hot but #20 Rachel Weisz = hot? Wtf? And it’s the same character!

    Elizabeth Shue not hot?! GTFO!!!


    How are all of those girls doctors?!


    Wow, this is sexist. “Lets rate actors on how hot they are as well as how plausible they were as the role they are playing” is incredibly sexist.

    Plausible and unplausible yes… hot or not, no


    And your point is? I bet if this was a chart of males you’d be drooling all over Matthew McConaughey’s washboard abs. Get over it.


    Seriously? Rachel Wiesz not hot 33.33% of the time?? This chart is simply chock full of PHAIL!

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