Another pic of alien dog and chinny chin chin

DSCN2981.JPG (213 KB)

DSCN2958.JPG (990 KB)

Took a pic of my mongoose dirt racing bike (very light and fast) and caught the alien dog at it again.

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    i think she wants some more lovin

    Don’t steal bikes bro.

    Luke Magnifico

    Why is your chain so slack?


    mongeese are the bee’s knees. nuff said.


    casemods, I think I’ll be the first to just tell you and get it over with. Before you get offended just know that I’m doing this because we care about you* and I respect you as a fellow M[c]S user. This is completely out of love and it is 100% genuine concern for your well-being. casemods.. nobody gives a shit about your stupid bike. I come on M[c]S to look at pictures of Cthulhu, funny t-shirts and tits. Not some trashy piece of garbage some back-water hillbilly welded together. If you really want to tell people about your accomplishments and… Read more »


    *to an extent


    Your user id is over 11,000. Casemods is under 1000. You don’t even have MCS+. I think you lose. Also you sure said hillbilly a lot there, sounds like you’re projecting.


    Foonf has been here for a long time, he just thought he had to kill GunFace all of a sudden and so he did.


    and die, I killed Gunny because of an issue with my email address, something uninteresting that I can’t remember off the bat. I like foonf moar anyways.


    That’s because I am projecting. Also, I really don’t care. casemods could’ve been here before tiki, and that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a jackass. This isn’t his blog to dump pictures of inane crap. This doesn’t mean he’s never submitted anything with at least a little taste. Everyone has, me included. Also, me not having MCS+ doesn’t make me any less right. I can’t even fathom how casemods attained that status, and honestly I couldn’t give a shit. If you’d remember Gunface you’d understand. You might remember such classics as me VS TrikYodz. Now that I think about… Read more »


    dude, get a chain guard or you’ll shred those long shorts/short pants. i advise because i care, and no one should have their shants tore up.


    Casemods has large hands…


    you’re like 20 and you still drive a bike? i sense you’re going to die a virgin