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I still love DOOM…for me its the perfect FPS…scary, fun and easy to mod. These screen shots are from JDOOM. if you have not tried it yet you totally should!!!

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    DOOM loves you too. This looks familiar, wait does this have anything to do with Hexen? I bought that game a long time ago from my neighbour because I thought it had something to do with witches.


    Hexen is a game based off of the Doom engine, so it’s probably no surprise that it looks familiar.


    Jdoom hasn’t been Jdoom for a while. It’s now the Doomsday Engine.

    Get it at dengine.net/



    HD mods for classic games should be illegal… you’re totally missing the point of playing Doom if you desecrate it with this shit. It’s as shameful as watching Indiana Jones 4 and enjoying it.



    This. Applies also to Fallout and so on… Times when people wasn’t asking “what resolution can I play and what level of details”.

    320×240… these times are gone now. For ever D-: