Dune 2

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Top is the Sega Mega Drive boxart for Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis

Bottom is a PC screencap of Dune II, sometimes called Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty.

There was little difference between the PC and Sega port. And it was awesome.

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    Dusted off the CD and played some Dune 2000 at a LAN Party earlier this year… such a great game. Dune 2000 was very similar to Dune 2, but with multiplayer.


    Am I right in thinking this was the first RTS?

    I played it a lot with some friends around 95 or so, on an, already then, ancient 286. Great game, though I am happy that the controls having changed in newer RTSs. Being able to only select one unit at a time does set some limits 🙂


    The Sega Genesis “Herzog Zwei” (1989)was a concept start, but like RSIxidor said, Dune II was the first true one.