DOW2: Chaos Rising !

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Well, seeing as how theme day has revolved around video games, for the most part. I submit to you screen shots that were posted by THQ just a few days ago. Nice timing, they must really follow up on M[c]S. I found all the photos here:,000%E2%84%A2:%20Dawn%20of%20War%20II%C2%AE%20-%20Chaos%20Rising%E2%84%A2

Bonus: they have a teaser that you can watch. Giving you some kind of outline of the story.

I was disappointed though, by the direction the franchise had taken, seeing as how I’m more of a fan of the traditional base building games.

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    DOW2≠ next generation Doppler On Wheels!
    I was expecting, by the name of this post, that this was going to have pics of the next generation Doppler On Wheels truck. FAIL!



    So, I haven’t played this game. But I’d like to. Especially when/if they add Tau.

  • Here's a few awesome images!