Mario Kart

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    Waaaaaaaaait, something just doesn’t belong here. What could it be….


    oh yea! Didn’t see it til I read your post


    It’s from the arcade game. That one is not for MKWii.


    And also the second is MK64


    I remember playing this on N64 just fine.

    Haven’t touched consoles since, been playing HL2, CS:S, etc, at mostly high settings (at least with textures and models maxed out @ 1024×768)

    Played mario kart Wii and it looked like shit.

    Sure, “gameplay” is what it’s all about, but if you can’t see in detail what you need to see (graphics wise) what’s the point?

    It’s like playing games an old CRT that isn’t even clear, compared to a new LCD/plasma.


    Don’t do it, ppl! He feeds on your negative points. Look at him rally those red numbers, revelling in the piles of minus scores. He’s the Glory Troll. Don’t stick your dick in his glory hole.


    What are you on about?

    Mario Kart Wii looks like shit and you know it!


    No, it does not look like shit. It looks god damn excellent and playa god damn excellent.


    When I played it, it looked like shit.

    Maybe it was the TV. But the TV was flat screen something…I know they don’t have shitty flat panel TV’s so…I don’t know.

    Even the demo at gamestoppers was shit.


    You are a dumbass. You don’t even know what to appreciate about games. Go rent Gran Turismo, you Pharisee.


    What is there to appreciate about mario kart Wii?

    I think any self respecting gamer knows the Wii is shit, especially mario kart Wii.


    The fact that it is an enjoyable game.


    Ok it may be, but the 2 times I played it, the graphics looked like shit.

    I can’t play a game with shitty graphics.

    It’s like playing burnout for Ps2 – I just CAN’T see what’s going on – that’s the same thing that came to mind when I played mario kart Wii.

    Maybe you can find some in game footage to prove me wrong?