firfox presented this site from opening a popup window

firfox presented this site from opening a popup window

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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    So,is it firfox or Firefox? And did it presented or prevented?



    I present to you, a fox on fire…wait…uh…I’m confoosed too.


    My Opera can beat up your Firefox anyday.

    Luke Magnifico

    My Firefox is a fox made of fire, with fiery claws and fiery teeths and awesome fire agility.

    Your Opera is an Opera, with fat people, and cellos.


    Obviously, you have never felt the wraith of a fat person swinging a cello over his head in blind rage…


    Yeah, but seriously, wraiths are pretty scary regardless of their shape. And if it’s a real cello, that’d be even scarier.


    ok, sorry, wrath


    my chrome beats both your Firefox and your opera, suck on that!


    My chrome gave me a virus that killed my hard-drive. So I went back to Firefox. Suck on that.


    if you think thats how internet security works you need to do your homework, its a tug of war. no browser stays the safest all the time, in fact right now Firefox has an exploit and chrome has none, next week it may be different, basically you had bad luck. also your browser is your last line of defense, if your firewall and anti virus didn’t catch it then your bowser isn’t your only problem. in fact in my opinion chrome is more secure, but its all opinion. what isn’t opinion is chrome has a smaller memory footprint and chrome… Read more »


    I will one up your chromes, operas, foxes and explorers and give you a SAFARI!


    At one time I had Firefox, chrome, opera, safari, IE, and rogue all at the same time for testing purposes but I deleted them all but chrome and Firefox, but I never use Firefox it just sits there collecting digital dust.

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