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    so they just repackaged the PSP?


    Meh, and? I’m not sure why handheld consoles never seem to push the envelope of whats possible, instead of just repackaging older titles.


    for $50 more you can buy yourself a brand new PS3… nice going sony 😉


    Too bad it’s just a little above the N-Gage in terms of…well…everything.


    Don’t forget that taking out the battery voids your warranty!


    Also no backwards compatibility.


    The video quality is great on it. Bitrate and screen size is the biggest difference from the PSP


    I was at first hesitant when my buddy told me this post was up on MCS, I thought, I’m not going to defend this sexy unit to a bunch of fags like you people b/c it will just result in some huge flamewar b/c everyone who has posted a comment hasn’t even bothered to hold one in their hands or even use it for that matter. Sure enough, the comments posted already were what I expected. However, these have been said over and over again. You guys really need some new ammunition. For those of you who put away the… Read more »

    fracked again



    Unlike most of you queerbags on here I’m actually pretty impressed with what they’ve done with the new release. The reason I didn’t buy a psp in the first place was because the thing was too fucking huge and awkward, and what was the point anyway? It was like lugging around a brick that played PS2 games. This one has a huge bit of promise, IMO. Flipscreen, bigger resolution, more memory, much much lighter than its retard cousin PSP 3000, bluetooth.. she sounds pretty sweet. And it’s PS3 compatible, which is great news as well.


    That’s wonderful news, sockpuppets. Unfortunately, thinking people will see the GO for the crap it actually is. No touch screen, 4.5 hours battery life, battery on the inside that voids the damned thing, and this “So you can’t use your UMD collection. You will forget your UMDs exist when you see how easy it is to get on the store and start buying games. Sure you may see it as double spending” This right here. I see it as double spending BECAUSE IT IS DOUBLE SPENDING. Saying it’s a different product because I can “deleted, re-installed, over and over again”… Read more »


    well then look at it like this, your current PSP that plays UMD isn’t going anywhere. You will always have it and you will always have the UMDs to go with it. Now, going forward with the pspGO, just get games you don’t already own. Sure you may want a couple (the only one I want to double dip with is God of War) This makes easy sense to people who think things through and want to get the most value for their money. Haters, just want to hate. This is a no-brainer…


    As much as this is another pointless upgrade on a mediocre system to try and sell games…. DO WANT

    Luke Magnifico

    This is the Macbook Air of handhelds.


    I wouldn’t mind owning this, but, there are only a few games that I would want for it. Also, the price is a bit steep considering I can get a PS3 for only $50 more.


    My thought is, if I didn’t already have a 2000, I *might* be able to justify buying one of these. Price is still a bit steep; I’d probably wait for a price drop. But since I *do* in fact already have a 2000, and a fair number of UMDs, no sir I don’t like it.


    250 dollars for a fucking 802.11 b wireless receiver and proprietary power connectors. No backwards support for UMD? I have to buy ALL of my games directly from Sony? No, that is bullshit. This product is designed to do one thing only. Fuck over people for as much money as possible. The PSP Go is a $250 piece of hardware. That’s $50 less than a PS3, which you can also use as a Blu-ray player. The PSP Go won’t be able to play all those cheap UMD movies that are on the market these days, it won’t work with your… Read more »


    wtf are you on about man? You pay the same price through Sony as you would at Wal-Mart or Best Buy (granted, for new releases, results may vary over the course of a few months) However, as indicated by last weeks sale, Sony has the ability to make the price whatever they want. IF for one week, they want to sell Gran Turismo for $25, they can! and Wal-Mart or Best Buy will just stick to whatever the MSRP is for that time. Also, if you don’t like DRM, why don’t you go back to fucking 1999 and tell Steve… Read more »


    Just like albums, I prefer to hold my games in my hands. I don’t mind buying smaller games through XBLA, PSN, etc, but I want to hold my full on releases in my grubby little fingers.

    On the other hand, this does reduce the amount of plastic packaging, and I’m all for that.

    I’m so confused.

    fracked again

    I usually disagree with lotus, but he is right on this.

    One of the best things about having physical games is that you can sell them or buy them used.

    Can you sell a used download? Can you trade it in for a different one? Can you swap downloads with your friends?

    Go suck on Sony’s teat and cry yourself to sleep tonight. Somebody on the internet holds a different opinion than you.


    Oh god someone get the fanboyaway… Dude i own the PS3,PS2,PS1,PSP-2000, xbox360 and wii, and have had two SNES’s, N64’s and a plethora of nintendo handhelds. I build,program and overclock all of the computers i have owned (with the exception of laptops), i fucking love technology and above all i know my technology. This psp go is a piece of shit. 16 GB’s of flash storage? On sony’s proprietary flash format? Fuck that i can upgrade my goddamned ps3 hard disk to 500GB’s with a run of the mill 2.5″ SATA drive or i can load an SSD into it… Read more »


    This shit is crazy expensive. What the fuck was Sony thinking?


    POS handheld.

    Seriously…who buys this shit?

    I’ll tell you who…

    18 year old boys at my work who don’t wear deodorant…and I’m not making that up…


    OMG my PSP is sooooo heavy – I totally need to buy a brand new one that is 43% lighter!!!1!


    I bought it. Never had one of the other PSPs, and I bought this to take the strain off of the battery life of my Palm Pre (yeah, I may have a problem with buying shiny new things the moment they come out). Honestly its a great device…great for what I use it for anyways…If I was insane I would have bought another ipod to replace the one I broke…and fixed…and then broke again…but honestly I would only use it for music, movies, and a game here or there…which I now use the PSP go for instead. In all honestly,… Read more »


    viral marketing at an all time low.