Faux Fur – Tiina Purin

FauxFur.jpg (178 KB)

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    I love this.

    But wouldn’t that be more like leather?


    man furfags are everywhere these days aren’t they


    At least they aren’t as common as idiot little stereotyping trollbaby wannabe /b/tard rejects…


    This has nothing to do with furries.

    It more likely has something to do with animal rights, specifically those who are anti-fur.

    Even if that was for the lulz, its still fail, because its not even lulzey.


    I just liked the pic.


    When animals gain the intelligence, need and drive for fur, then I might care. But as it stands humans are biologically dependent on fur, as we ourselves have no outer hair. With out it we would freeze to death and look quite drab.


    Haha, what. I don’t care about people killing animals for fur but what you said is nonsense. We are perfectly capable of producing materials to keep us warm without fur or leather. In fact, the majority of people who wear fur wear it just as an accessory. Maybe you have never heard of wool though, I don’t know.


    Wool is animal fur.


    No kidding. His comment was obviously in regards to the killing of animals for fur, or have you seen any crazies demonstrating against the use of wool lately. Which is why we call it wool and not fur.

    “Wool has several qualities that distinguish it from hair or fur: it is crimped, it has a different texture or handle, it is elastic, and it grows in staples (clusters).”


    Typically when one specifies a ‘fur’ it indicates that the material requires the removal of the skin, inherently killing the animal. Only animals with similar coats to sheep can have their ‘fur’ removed in such a way as to be useful for clothing and other uses without killing the animal.


    Hey all. I understand this was posted some time ago, but I just ran into it. And since it happens to be my painting I’m feel the need to leave a description here for those who weren’t able to view it in it’s proper context. This was a college homework assignment for Biology class. I was asked to make an environmental statement within my field of study. I majored in illustration and chose ‘Anti-fur’ as my statement. As a kid, I thought the word ‘Faux’ was pronounced ‘Fox’ which is why I chose a fox as my subject and ‘Faux… Read more »


    I still like it.