Church Sign Needs Tweaking

church sign 005 (1920 x 1440).jpg (562 KB)

church sign 008 (1920 x 1440).jpg (570 KB)

Just something I ran across. Both before and after the tweaking. Go figure.

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    Uh, well, somebody definitely thought this was WIN…twice.
    First pic was closer to correct than the second was. They should have left well-enough alone!

    As far as the message of the sign goes, it is correct; however; when you are Catholic you are mostly told NOT to read the Bible. I guess the Pope and his cronies don’t want their lemmings, oops, followers learning the truth.

    Now I sit back and wait for the anti-God/Bible flames in 3, 2, 1…


    It’ll probably be awhile, this is on MCS+ and won’t post until tomorrow.


    Get ready for it…

    Luke Magnifico

    Hey! You! J Bryon!

    Fuck you!


    No No No…FUCK YOU! 😉



    fracked again

    I’m one of those mean atheists, and I think people should read the bible. It is required for understanding and appreciating so much of western literature and it gives some insight to politics.

    Believing it, on the other hand…


    Now this is a pleasant surprise.


    hei guise wats going on OH NO SOMETHING ABOUT SOMETHING

    i wonder if they make exclamation mark letter tiles

    Luke Magnifico

    You could use an upside-down lower case i.


    but then its not reeeeeaaaaallllll! ill know its fake and ill be dissapointed


    Correct punctuation makes all the difference.


    I’ve actually read the Bible.

    Ugh. What a long, boring, contradicting mess it is.

    It’s that way for a reason. That way they can claim whatever they want is in there, and no one will bother to check up on it, because “a man of god” told them.

    I especially like the laws for selling daughters into slavery.


    Honestly? I didn’t expect that from you. I’m not religious but I consider the bible a great piece of literature. Of course it’s plagiarism, but I appreciate it anyway. Contradictions aren’t nice though that’s true, but if you look at it as if it were poetry they’re half as bad. Some of the best authors have stated that they use the bible as a source of inspiration, take Wolfgang Hohlbein for example. He isn’t religious either. I guess it’s difficult to recognise any beauty the Bible may contain with all these wars and injustice that have resulted because of it,… Read more »


    Right now, I wish I was a guy. A guy with a big dick. So I could do you, you rock.!


    This is relevant to my interests and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.


    Trust me, I can relate to this most lovely statement in regards to your persona as well, Demon.


    I’m guessing you’ve already read Ich und Du by Martin Buber, but if you haven’t I highly recommend it, along with Hegel, obviously in German, no English.


    I have not! I think Caio recommended Buber as well, in that thread where he ridiculed me for being a determinist. I’ll go and raid my local library today, thank you once again. It’s good that you reminded me, I think I tried to forget about Buber to spite Caio. How idiotic.


    But is it because of the Bible or is it because of people?


    Of course, people. Just like with guns, they don’t point at people on their own, people choose to be bad or good based on how they have been raised and so much more, a book or the availability of a weapon doesn’t make them suddenly commit crimes. Though I think people prefer to blame the bible, you know similar to, it’s the sin not the sinner. I have no problem with that, as long as they don’t say things like “away with all Christians/Muslims/Jews!”, it’s all cool by me.


    I’ll go with the third option: Both. Due to the fact that the bible is open to interpretation and doesn’t completely work with modern times.


    Sounds good, we’re absolutely on the same wavelength then, as far as the bible and its interpretations go. My comment about disregarding the bible was only in reply to Paul, no worries.


    Didn’t expect that of me? First of all, I read the whole thing. It’s long. It’s boring. There are lots of info dumps. Reading the whole ‘X begat Y’ part near the beginning is a slow torture (that I wisely skipped past after the first few). Lots of the earlier books are just “God’s laws” info dumps. Deuteronomy is especially bad in this regard, even if it gives me my favorite quotes. The new testament is easier to read, but still kind of preachy. Mostly full of well meaning advice that I only see hippies following, and I don’t think… Read more »


    I didn’t expect it of you because I consider you to be one of the most objective people on this site. Well ok, I’m not quite sure why you cited all these things now. I’m also disappointed that you said the new testament is easier to read. Fuck the new testament and easy short readings. To me the entire bible is poetry, though it’s pretty apparent that you read the bible and interpreted everything literally. Of course it’s boring and ugly if you do that. I see you know of the significant differences between the messy translations and the original… Read more »


    I especially like the laws for selling daughters into slavery.

    Damn! Now I find out.


    Too bad neither was smart enough to notice the glaring puncuation error.

    As regards the contradictions: pic or it didnt happen


    Rather burn in hell then go to a Christian Church. I lean toward Buddhism and Ancient Hawaiian/ Native American religions anyhow.


    All together now….”Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!”


    Ask yourself this: What has religion done to the world ? Would one think the world would be better off without it, or is it essential to our survival


    if you compare Christianity, Islam, and Judaism ,they are all essentially the same religion. they all worship the same god, and have the same prophets. the bible is sadly used as a scapegoat for violence and pain over the years. people who dont read the bible but call themselves a Christian are the bad ones. not the ones who have read it. i am a Christian and I believe in God, but I don’t believe the entire bible. only portions. I believe in evolution but also that there is a God and that God does get his hands dirty in… Read more »


    We can safely conclude that dieA is a Bible thumper.


    Bilbe sucks.
    So does religion.

    Go to hell.