Degrees of Steak Doneness

steak.jpg (139 KB)

I`m a well done kinda gal, no fucking blood!

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    that medium well image is kinda medium

    medium well is done but still juicy with barely any pink


    Yeah and their medium is what I would call medium rare but maybe that’s an American thing.


    Medium plz.


    Only bitches and black people like them past medium. Rare to medium rare for me! I’m a man!


    Southern Baptists don’t eat it until it’s black and crispy all the way through, and it is delicious.


    I don’t remember ever eating a steak that way the entire time I was a Southern Baptist.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Well Done for me. I want some shoe leather, dammit!


    My brother always thought it was funny to tell the waitress “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


    I’m a medium rare, medium kinda guy. Medium well depending on the meat too. I’m a beast so I like a little blood.


    mmmmm bloody steak… I’ll have medium rare please!


    Pass it through a warm room for me.


    yeah i am totally a blue-rare, rare person.


    I’ll eat blue rare fish or straight up rare.


    I’m a fan of medium rare.


    Bold & Bloody


    It does depend on the cut. Prime rib can be really bloody rare but, a strip steak needs to be cooked more. I’m just happy I can order a nice rare burger again.

    Kik Dogg

    My thoughts exactly. Depends on the cut. A strip or rib-eye (my fav) should be medium rare, medium is ok too (at least the medium in that pic). A filet should be “black and blue”. Charred on the surface (need LOTS of heat for this) and mooing when you cut into it. I also like carpaccio and steak tartare.

    GO MEAT!


    I love lamb chops black and blue.

    Malta Soron

    I once gave myself food poisoning by eating steak. Apparently it was a bit too old. Was sick for two days, lots of throwing up. Now I don’t think I can have it anyway else but well done, or it’ll give me gag reflexes.


    My sis was the same way after getting sick from aged beef that wasn’t scraped and cooked enough.


    Could go for a medium right about now


    Medium rare is making me hungry.


    Ahhhhhh, Flesh of the Beast! How I love thee.

    A steak that is anything beyond medium rare is a waste of good meat.

    I had a thick an juicy 500 gram horse steak in Vilvoorde about a month ago… that was truly awesome.


    I like medium, BUT I have found that only steakhouses and super-fancy restaurants properly cook meat to the done-ness you order. Regular restaurants and diner type places almost always cook it one stage further than you asked for. So I order medium in a steakhouse, and medium rare in a regular restaurant, and I get my steak medium in both cases.


    Dead on Gwythinn. That is the way to do it. Pretty sure that chart is right and lower-class places overcook stuff.


    Yeah, a better restaurant will either explain exactly what’s what, or show you a diagram like this one.


    Medium rare is for pussies. Eat at a decent restaurant and they will not give you a choice.


    I’ve never heard any other human say this before. Blaspemy. If I’m paying for it, I had fucking better be asked how I want it. And as far as being a pussy… I guess you are what you eat.


    I like my steak just like my women. Black and Blue.


    What sucks is that Rare is becoming… Well, rare.

    Stupid food poisoning scares… Despite the fact that well done meat has a higher carcinogen level. But nobody’s suing a steak house for selling the meat that gave them cancer.

    People need to man up and recognize that sometimes food goes bad. Take some Pepto and lay off the phone calls to the leeches, er, lawyers.


    The idea of eating well done steak.. is just insulting to me :/