Magna high fashion finally done

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IMG00240-20090928-1810.jpg (683 KB)

Got the chain tensioner on nicely, had to remove a few links in the chain but it’s solid now.

Just need some longer arms and some metal white pedals, might just spray paint some I have.

What do you guys think about a white basket and tassels?

It’s got break bosses with linear pull brakes in the rear (totally built for racing)

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    I am completely and utterly confused. Who is this for? Not you I hope!


    Hope you go to jail and drop the soap.

    tiki god

    that’s a cool bike bro


    I’m on to you two. Casemods, what’s your piece of the action (assuming you even exist)? Makes for some hilarious reading. I’ve got an idea for you Casemods! Look inward to your spiritual side and discover jesus. The site’ll blow up!


    Thats not a bad idea. Create an alter ego that everyone on the site hates. Drives participation through the roof. Hmmmm….

    tiki god

    how dare you suggest that anyone would ever make a sock puppet on mcs.

    also, wow, UID of 9. that’s awesome.


    I came for the “Diet Coke with Bacon” post, and I stayed for the lulz.

    True story.


    Why don’t you ride it around the seedy parts of town and show it to all your friends in the gang?


    I’m sorry, I know I’m stating the obvious but: Gay.. just… gay. Very, very gay.


    Yeah i dont completely understand the reason for this…
    besides if you wanted a legit one, you could do better lmao







    lemon floor wax





    “Hey Kid, I got a bike for you. Come get it… I got Candy, too”


    Every time Casemods posts, I seriously think to myself “How the fuck does this kid remember to inhale and exhale?”


    u so crazy


    You seriously are gayer than a prison blowjob.


    Imo Tassles and basket would be rad. Someone yesterday suggested white wheels, and I think it would truly benefit the outcome of your bike.


    I’m surprised this has a seat-
    I’d think you’d be more accustomed to riding around on the post…


    Wow. How sad is this?


    On the one hand, it’s kinda funny – provided you didn’t sink any money into it and just used spare parts. On the other hand, it has no practical use – unless you’re a 5 yr. old girl. I have a 10 speed (literally a 10 speed) that my girlfriend picked up at a garage sale for $2. I worked on it a little bit, simply so I could ride it to the store – I consider it pretty much theft-proof. And if someone does steal it, who the fuck cares? I’m out 2 bucks, they obviously need it more… Read more »


    I think (more and more) that casemods and tiki are the same person…I’ve not seen a photo of tiki so I could be wrong. However if I had a site that was basically a big advertisement I would create a protagonist to keep us net nerds talking shit…this site would be really boring with out the fag, douche nob fuck that is casemods…I smell a conspiracy!


    tiki is not moods.