Designer Paper Shoes by Kamryn

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Kamryn made some awesome shoes out of duct tape and paper.

I know how you cats like shoes, so I thought I would upload some pics of them.

If you don’t believe they are awesome, just look at Jacob’s expression

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    Can I get these in red?


    Currently fapping to the first pic…dat ass


    That’s a girl, right?


    There can be nothing more awesome.


    Lol you guys call me poor white trash on meth but look at this guy – can’t even afford shoes for his kids so he has them make shoes for themselves out of paper and duct tape…


    So do you not read the captions?


    Fuck YOU’RE retarded.
    BTW, nice try on the “baiting the dad with the pedo comments about his daughter” maneuver. Aside from ending up on yet another FBI list you accomplished absolutely nothing except making yourself look either A: more pathetic for attention…here it is, now you can beat off while your mom yells at you for being a dirty little boy.
    Or B: like a retarded, unoriginal and pathetic pederast.
    Awesome. Just awesome.


    At least you admit I’m awesome.

    Kik Dogg

    Yeah. That is awesome. Adorably awesome. =)

    Kik Dogg

    ETA: The kids are awesome. casemods is pathetic. Trolling on kids is disgusting. I won’t shame him because I know he doesn’t have any. Loser.




    I’m fairly confident you can not wear those to the beach, but just look how well they are vented. Too bad on a good day my toe nails would rip those to shreds. They look like good bar hoping shoes.


    The most awesome thing here, is keeping two kids amused by making shoes out of duct tape and paper. I’m doing this tomorrow, sterling work!

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