My new project bike.

IMG00207-20090927-0233.jpg (701 KB)

IMG00208-20090927-0233.jpg (812 KB)

IMG00209-20090927-0234.jpg (732 KB)

I’ve always wanted to have a pink bike.

I don’t know if anyone can relate, but it’s basically like those kids that wear superman, spiderman, scooby doo back backs.

Got those 144 spoke rims from the flea market years ago with a lowrider bike.

I plan to get some pink or pink and white tassels, white basket and some high quality metal pink or white pedals from dans comp

What would M[C]S think if they saw a grown ass 23 year old, 6 foot man riding this?

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    You could come up missing if you ride that too much or in the wrong areas.


    You could get raped, hopefully.

    tiki god

    aw man, this bike is pimp


    casemods, you should immediately return that bike to the little girl you stole it from, nig­ger


    If CMods are mainly enough to use a pink girly bike he is awesome because… no wait…


    Get help….


    Is a Magna the best you could get with foodstamps?


    You know what’s sad? without even LOOKING at the name of the poster, I immediately KNEW this was casemods because that shit looks ghetto as fuck.


    I take that as an insult.
    It’s fucking embarrasing to tell your stupid self by looking at a piece of random shit.


    So you’re saying its good when a serial killer is known by his marker? I mean, not for the sake of the case, but for the sake of the serial killers pride? You, sir, are fucked up and your logic, even more so. GOODAY!


    I second this. Only reason I clicked the image was to read the comments.

    lemon floor wax

    It will go great with your little girl scooter.


    I’d be wondering where your boyfriend is…


    Just imagine how cool you’re gonna look in your gold hoodie with your ray-ban sunglasses, and any pair of you’re AWESOME shoes from your collection! I’m completely jealous of you right now.


    Should put white wheels on that bike, would look better than black wheels.


    you should also get a frilly buttplug to complement your legendary faggotry


    I want it. and the bike is pretty cool too.


    do you think it afraids of anything?


    Definitely pretty princess. Where are the tulle dresses you have not posted yet?

    Luke Magnifico

    Do you think Mr Casemods knows what a fag-douche his son is?

    I think we should inform him.

    Natedog, you are a good manhunter. Hunt this man.


    first of all, “man” is not a good word to use when describing casemeth

    and hunt is not really a good choise either, because all you have to do is follow the smell of anhydrous ammonia


    If only trolling was a crime. Then casemods could go be a prisonbitch somewhere.


    Mr Casemods reported his son missing and his picture will be posted on milk cartons across the country.

    The back of his head ….. the only side his friends recognize


    It figures that this would come from Casemods.