Micsosoft X3 gaming mouse 2000 DPI

04-14SWX3Front_lg.jpg (760 KB)

04-14SWX3Top_lg.jpg (660 KB)

26869885.jpg (37 KB)

Picked this thing up for $20 today after I took back my H12 (never used it)

3 buttons for sniper, walking and tank (what I call them anyway)

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    Logitech G9 gaming mouse FTW 🙂


    I still like my Razer Copperhead that came out like 4 years ago. 2000 dpi, 7 programmable buttons. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, got it on a woot-off, so probably like $30. Now I’d grab me a Razer Naga if they made the damn thing in either a lefty or ambidextrous shape. 5600 dpi and 17 buttons is freakin’ sweet! Oddly enough, I am a righty, but due to threats of death if I didn’t put my dad’s mouse back after I was done, I learned to use a mouse left handed. I can use it… Read more »


    Does anyone else rate everything casemods puts up here a 1 just because its him?


    That would be childish. 😉