2009 Oktoberfest

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Lots of drink was had.

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    Enjoy yourselves Germany.America will no longer stand by you much longer.We pissed of the Czechs and Poles by reneging on the missile shield we had pushed for years.The Polish premier refused a call from our President.He refused a call from our Secretary Of State,downgrading the contact to Foreign Secretary level.NATO is no longer a force to be concerned with.Talk to Moscow.Shame on us.


    “Off the Czechs “Rather.


    haha I WAS THERE LAST WEEK!!! THIS VERY SPOT, MÃœNCHEN, near the HB TENT(sort of)


    *sniff* I was supposed to go there this weekend with some friends, but the army deemed me working a 24 hour shift starting saturday at 9am and ending at sunday at 9am to be more important. i just got off work. but i got a case of some good local beer im fix’n to put away before i go to bed.

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