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    These games were so fucking fun.

    I even joined a clan once on that game site Microsoft used to have for PC gamers.


    Bring us these games again. I am serious. DO IT NOW. XBLA, please.


    Lost hours and hours to this game, along with its predecessor X-WING, back in the day. I really miss those two games.


    I also lost hours to its successors: X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. XWA was not near as good as they rest, but you could play as the Millenium Falcon, and that is a very good thing.


    Out of all the star wars flight sims, this is my favorite one. I loved playing as the bad guys and helping the empire capture tech to build a fight superior to the x-wing. 😛

    Plus it was just a good challenging game when you don’t have shields on some of the fighters.


    i used to play the hell out of this game


    This was one of my first real computer games right behind DOOM. of course i grew up playing oregon trail on the computer too. and i had an atari, PONG AND PACMAN FTW!!!!!1