Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

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    Please explain.

    It’s a video game. Tiki failed me.


    october 1st?


    A video game? Wish there was an Anime of it as well!!!


    Oh yeah, tell me about it. The creature in the background in the first picture has a cape made of coffins, how amazing is that.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s impractical, is what it is.

    Also, is this the one where you shoot yourself in the head?


    You’re correct.


    With happy magic fun time bullets!

    Billy Manic

    What sort of game would this be? Looks fairly interesting, but I’ll just ignore it if it’s an RPG. Nothing against RPGs, I’m just crazy bored of the,


    Its an RPG. And its turn based. I don’t know anything else.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Ten comments and no one has notices that OMG! WE’VE TIME TRAVELLED AGAIN!


    CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE JOINED THE IDIOT BRIGADE! Natedog mentioned it. 3 comments in. It even seems that nobody knows may have been freaking out about that in the very first comment.


    Where are the fingerbanging jokes?

    Mr. Jones

    I love this game. In short, you play as a high schooler that goes to school by day and fights monsters at night. Here’s a video from around the beginning: dieAntagonista: Yes, that is a cape made of coffins. Thanatos, one of the main character’s personas. (The rotting corpses of your enemies inside keeps you pretty warm.) Most of the personae your character uses come from world mythology. There’s some pretty obscure stuff, too. It’s pretty interesting. There is an anime of it, kind of. All I know about it is that the anime is set ten years after… Read more »


    Sounds good. The video is dope as well, that coffin cape really does it to me.