My favorite Atari 2600 games

superbreakout_box.jpg (43 KB)

nightdriver_box.jpg (53 KB)

pitfall_box.jpg (49 KB)

yarsrevenge_box.jpg (40 KB)

Yars_Revenge2.png (33 KB)

These are what I REMEMBER PLAYING night and day as kid growing up with an Atari 2600!

Yars Revenge was probably my most often played and the first game I ever paid for with my own money.

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    OH MY GOD. Super Breakout was the BEST!! God bless the 2600 when I was 8 years old I knew what was awesome…FUCK the ET game…


    Thank you ever so much for the fond memories of Pitfall and Super Breakout


    Don`t forget Atari KaBoom! But agreed, Super Breakout FTW! Here is an awesome breakout game..


    ZMG – Yars Revenge. GREAT GAME!!!!


    You know, alot more new games then I would have suspected. Guess no one here played any of the great ones….

    Maxwell Edison

    Yar’s Revenge was probably the best thing Atari ever did for the 2600, but there were some other companies that made some OK games for it. I remember one called Nexus, but I don’t remember who made it. I liked that one a lot, too.


    I loved Yar’s revenge. I used to play Warlords too; you had to use the paddles to control a bat to protect your ‘base’.