Ah, the good old days

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Starsiege: Tribes. Anyone play this one? I got hooked on it in high school and played all the way up until they killed the master server. Probably the best FPS I’ve played to date due to customization, maps, s#&t talking, and just general fun. yeah, I need to get out more.

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    Loved doing bombing runs in this game.


    Hell yeah Starsiege! Though Tribes 2 was the shit.


    still play it


    Tribes was the best FPS for ages. Tribes 2 sucked by comparison, shiny graphics, but the gameplay felt too sticky.

    Doc Shadow

    I also loved the original Tribes and played for ages. My best memory was getting a long distance headshot where all I could see was the enemy name tag and muzzle flashes.


    This game was a blast. Never got to try any of the sequels, but form what I heard I wasn’t missing much.

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