left for dead poster collection

left for dead poster collection

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    Best zombie killing game out there. Forget CoD5, this is where zombie fans should unite.


    Another game, brought to you by the word “greed”.

    Billy Manic

    Not quite sure what you’re getting at, but I love this game.


    Left for dead 2 is coming out.

    It’s probably just got new maps, weapons, characters, HUD changes, movement tweaks, etc.

    Basically what should be a free update is a new “game” or “mod” release nowadays.

    It all started with BF2 and BF2142.

    Billy Manic

    Eh, you can just download it anyway 😀


    How is this different than other game releases in the past? It has graphics updates, a new campaign or whatever and all that shit you just mentioned.

    That used to be what was considered a new game. These companies shouldn’t have to write code from the ground up just to make you happy. I think we got spoiled on expansions for awhile there, and now anytime someone releases a ‘sequel’ that looks the same or doesn’t have as much new content as we expect, everybody flips out. Fuck that.


    I take issue with the sequel a year format with this franchise in particular. This is a game from Valve, damn it. Half Life2 was in development for 6 years. TF2 and CSS are still being modded & updated. L4D is a CSS mod and was supposed to be getting frequent updates. Instead, we got one new campaign for 10 bucks (if you got it for the XBOX) and the addition of 2 versus maps that should have been shipped with the game on release. I expect more from Valve. They’re one of the few software companies who doesn’t usually… Read more »


    These are valid complaints. I was surprised to hear they brought that out so fast.


    Wait, is theme day starting?


    valve came out and said that they were going to release the expansion for free; however, Microsoft maid them charge for it because it wasn’t fair to the companies that were charging that they were releasing for free