how to care for introverts

how to care for introverts

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    • Suck their dick so they don’t have to masturbate themselves which can be tiring.


    I knew there was a reason I liked you.


    There’s sodium in sperm, right?

    Yes need some?
    You can have mine.

    yes,You need some?*
    Top row.


    Along with varying amounts of other vitamins and minerals.


    Extroverts should get this kind of treatment, too.


    Extroverts get laid far easier, you can hit on anything that moves and eventually find a being drunk enough to say yes.

    Introverts sit at their computer hitting F5 to see of Tiki is drunk or if someone is posting some fun NSFW shit.

    I have yet to get laid via this site.

    Excuse me, I have to go cry alone now.


    This site can get you laid??!?

    You have just blown my mind sir.

    tiki god

    mine too. I have yet to even seen internet boobs out of this site. 🙁


    If you want, I can hook you up with some flabby man boobs. You are our fearless drunken leader, it’s the least I could do while still doing something.


    Visit the forums more often.


    I thought Facebook was for getting people laid? Or at least Craigslist.

    Maxwell Edison

    You are a humanitarian, Antie

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