Fake Police Report On A Supposed Rape

Fake Police Report On A Supposed Rape

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    At first I saw “hands, feets, fists” and thought that was how the person was raped and was like OMG! then I saw those were the weapons used…the I saw Glenn Beck under suspect, which was just meh! compared to if somebody had actually been fisted or footed during a rape…

    Luke Magnifico

    Took me so long to actually see what this was.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    If Glenn Beck did rape someone, you just know he’d cry through the whole thing.


    I knew this would catch up to him:
    this is apparently the actual arrest report for when
    glenn beck raped and killed that girl in 1990.
    I’m glad the media are finally picking up on this.
    We all need to get the word out so he’ll finally be
    forced to account for his actions on that day in 1990.


    The report says rape. Murder?


    I love the Glenn Beck rape game