there are no crazy people at my teaparty

there are no crazy people at my teaparty

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    That’s special deary.

    tiki god

    she sadly looks exactly like one of my friend’s kids.


    Look up, sweetie, then rip up your sign.


    That is funny. Her parents are total win. Her to


    Hmm, ok I get it now. That is pretty funny. Wonder if any of those bozos got it though.


    It took me a second to realize what was going on. ++

    I was all, “what, black people at a tea party rally? no way!”


    Where’s the Mad Hatter, and the Teddy Bear…I don’t see Barbie either. Not much of a Tea Party.

    lemon floor wax

    Aww, it’s so adorable when parents use their offspring to make political statements about something the little buggers know nothing about.

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