elektra cosplayer

elektra cosplayer

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    Nice hips/butt/face.

    tiki god

    yeah, but it’s a bad angle. her ass looks fat.

    but she’d get it.


    Tiki, I respectfully disagree. It gives her ass some dimension. It is a very nice indeed. Excellent form. The expression of her countenance is on the verge of smirk that says, “I know this is just cosplay. It’s not my life. It’s just for fun. I know this pose is a bit hammy, but it’s still fun.” Modesty, if you will. I approve this picture. And if you know this girl, tell her that I would like to take her to dinner and chat under the summer moon. Then I would bang the living shit out of her; hard enough… Read more »


    I disagree too. I think that is an extremely well molded ass. I think I’ll steal it, hopefully I won’t have to kill her.


    You would hate live here in Brazil… almost every well chaped woman body around have this type of butt!


    You guys are terrible.

    She’s hot.

    Stop pointing out her imperfections!

    She’s not a model and she’s not fake, she’s a cosplayer.

    She has a soul.


    Wow! First appearance of multiple personality #5 (the humanely sensitive one)


    I don’t get it. I assume you’re talking of that douche who likes to post pictures of himself.


    He prefers the Term casemeth a.k.a. Gay Douche.


    King Casemeth to you, peasant.


    King peasant to you,casemeth.


    Or, to put it another way, “LEAVE *sob* ELEKTRA *sob* ALONE!!!!”


    Pure WIN.


    >Nice hips/butt/face.

    Nice legs too, she can crush my skull between those thighs any day.


    I love women with a little tight bubble butt. So sexy. She does indeed have nice legs too.


    Dude, check out gangster LaForge in the background.




    Given the chance, I would wreck her, impale her with her own weapons, bury her, cry a while, dig her up, get her a new outfit and start all over again.

    lemon floor wax

    DO WANT. I really need to go to some nerd con to see more hot cosplay chicks. Check out the piper behind her who is hiding his boner with the kilt bag.