big gay ice cream truck

big gay ice cream truck

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    i did not konw that casemods had his own business!!?!?!

    way to move up in the world, son


    He’s missing a perfect opportunity to put that new hoodie to good use!

    Karatesaurus Rex

    Oooh! I’ll take a Cleveland Steamer prease.


    is that the new way gays are getting little kids? drive around in ice cream trucks and when a group of kids come running up, they pick the one they want?

    fracked again

    Getting ideas? We all know Hitler loved the little boys. Nothing like kinter to give the fuhrer a sieg heil.


    This is something my mother in her ignorance would say, sounding like my mom is not a good thing dude. Gays don’t go after little kids, child molesters do.

    Gay does not = child molester.


    Waiting for someone to shoop it to show big pedo ice cream truck with pedobear instead of the big ice cream cone logo.

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