twilight ruined comic con

twilight ruined comic con

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    lol Troll’d

    Catherine Longfellow

    lol… it did. How did a fan fic of a fanfic get center god damn stage? Fail Twitards, that’s how.


    i dont wanna sound like im arguing, because im not, but hows it fanfic of fanfic? you talking about mormon bible? cause i dont fully grasp that concept yet, or are you talking about how its blatant ripoff of the buffy second season accept buffy never kisses Oz in in the show?


    It reads like third-rate fanfic. The main character is a blatant Mary Sue. Her romantic interest is a guy who CONVENIENTLY pushes all of a woman’s buttons without even trying. Neither character is very well developed, nor has the potential to become remotely interesting to those of us who like interesting characters.

    casemods UID# 667

    Why don’t they just ban twilight shit?

    Aren’t these conventions about anime and comics?