The contiguous United States, colored by distance to the nearest McDonald’s

mcd_us_high.jpg (657 KB)

Via <a “href=”>blogger Stephen Von Worley

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    tiki god


    I pass by 3 of these on my way home from work every day.


    Yuck Yuck and YUCK! McDonald’s will destroy the USA one day. If it hasn’t already.


    DIE DIE DIE us of a!
    Die so the rest of the world can live without fear again! >:(


    You think there would be no wars if America didn’t exist? WWII was just a funky soap festival then or what. So you decided to condemn an entire nation of 300 million people, which is foolish enough all by itself, but you just had to do it on an American site, didn’t you.


    Oh, why, yes, completely purely american. My european IP was totally blocked, so I had to hack in to troll.

    History aside, the world is currently more afraid of america going apeshit all over the place than of anything else. Or, instad, just of america continuing business as usual.

    The collective american presence – the result of what those 300 millions produce – is the global antagonist, and not without reason.


    There would be no wars without the criminal fiendish One-Termer in Office. FACT!

    The world would live in peace and harmony and goodness without his evil presence in the White House. FACT!


    Yeah, because the guy before him was -such- a peace-loving pacifist and not at all a loose-cannon cowboy trying to ride his daddy’s coattails by re-visiting the war his daddy led us into and making a total mess of it…


    nearly every bad thing that happens in this world is a direct consequence of the choice of a human being.

    if you take out natural disasters and disease, what do you have left?

    a bunch of selfish motherfuckers who can’t see the big picture.


    BurritoCzar is a troll. FACT!

    His “facts” are barely-formulated opinons that are really not facts. FACT!

    fracked again

    The crusades happened because Obama built a time machine and kicked Pope Urban II in the balls.


    I call bullshit. Northern Colorado has way more McDonalds than that map is showing.


    it’s not the number of McDonald’s, it’s the distance to a store


    That line up the middle of Colorado is I-25. There are plenty of McDonalds restaurants in NoCo that are off I-25,and plenty of McDonalds on I-25. So either way, FAIL.


    Also: If I drive…lets say 5 miles in my home town (Wichita) and I did it right, I could pass no less than 3 or 4 of these fuckers.


    I’d have to drive at least 20 miles to find a McD’s, but only about 6 miles for a Burger King. It doesn’t really matter, either way; I don’t eat at either.

    Billy Manic

    Those lights are uncomfortably dense down here in Southern California.