Playin a gig.

8531_102509756431312_100000168646402_70274_3717550_n.jpg (28 KB)

I had to borrow the previous bands guitar, as unfortunately, a much needed string broke on mine. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Seems the site has gotten quite popular tiki! I’ve been browsing it since, oh geez, I want to say 4 years now, maybe longer, you’re doing a bang-up job!

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    Billy Manic

    Especially when you take all the alcohol into consideration. It’s amazing this place works.


    You look awesome.


    nice axe there though (gibson les paul?)

    what sorta stuff you rockin?

    03 gibson xplorer w/ 81/85 emgs myself


    Slayer tribute bands are awesome!


    I should post a picture of all my jacksons some day. I just need to get them back.


    When you playing again? I need to shoot more.


    Just let me know… Budgeting sucks because I’m not smart like Tiki and put pics up for sale. But I still wanna shoot live music when I can.