Crazy? Ig’nint?

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Saw this in the parking lot today.


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    oOOooOoo Crazy comments from the past! Scary!!


    is this person (pic) cripple? if not you have evidence to get them a fine ^^


    I saw a weird, crooked lady in a wheelchair in the store I work, two days ago. For several hours, I had heard a pig-like laughter-howling-type of sound in the store next to mine (thin walls :P).. so when she arrived, I guess she could be the maker of those sounds? When she left, and turned the wheelchair around, it said in big letter: YES TO JESUS – NO TO ABORTION!

    Because people don’t have enough things against you when you’re handicapped, howl like a pig, you need that sticker as well?? /facepalm


    Intellectual cripple?


    A Palin bumper sticker? I am sorry, but me caring about what this person thinks is now VOID.


    This person is doing a public service. Obviously, all of you blacks out there don’t really know what’s going on, because you’re not as smart as us white people. In fact, I don’t know why all of you blacks don’t vote Republican: I mean, Abraham Lincoln freed you people in the first place. Palin 2010!

    I was being sarcastic.


    My guess is that the owner of this vehicle is black.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Abortion stops a beating.


    Good god, some people can spin-doctor…


    No, Palin is a walking abortion.

    ROMNEY/PATRAEUS in 2012 (not 2010!). Only they can restore decency and the one pure race of sanctity to the Oval Office.


    Margaret Sanger advocated birth control as a form of racial eugenics.

    “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

    “Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need … We must prevent multiplication of this bad stock.”

    “Eugenics is … the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.”

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that abortion was a way to get rid of undesirables.

    “Yes, the ruling about that surprised me. Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

    There’s a reason Planned Parenthood, an organization that pushes sex without values and advocates usurping parental responsibility in favor of outside influences, is largely located in poor communities.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong believer in birth control, especially when it involves people too young to have babies. But clinics like Planned Parenthood offer children a way to engage in emotionally impactful behavior without offering the necessary moral and emotional support to help children understand the consequences of their actions. And it normalizes parents opting out of raising their children – if they can just ship them off to the clinic, they don’t have to actually bother being responsible for their children’s behavior.


    People who have a fit of apoplexy about their kids maybe witnessing a female nipple during the superbowl are the same people who advocate fail instead of proper sex ed. And that culture is dominant in the US, unfortunately. Planned Parenthood, aside from being an abortion provider, is also an information and contraceptive provider, and those are much easier on everyone than abortions.

    And as for how you use the term “children” repeatedly… pre-puberty, actual children won’t be needing Planned Parenthood’s services by and large… and any post-puberty individual who shoots someone is often tried as an adult. The “think of the chilllllldren” shit when whining about teenagers knowing more than the instinctual “I wanna do that” about sex is old. It’s part of why people like Hillary and Lieberman aren’t leading the country (remember how pissy they got about GTA4 being rated for 17 and up and got it changed to 18 and up).

    Your time of “the human body is evil” and “sex is evil” is done. A whole new generation is growing up with the Internet; they’ve seen the craziest pr0n imaginable whenever they were curious; they have access to real information about health and safety in sexual activity instead of “abstinence is the only way, and marriage will suddenly make sex safe; good day,” and this generation knows that they didn’t all turn into crazed, sick, evil necro-rapists for it. They’re done listening to your views and allegations and near-century-old and older anti-scientific ideas, including Sanger’s “hey let’s use this for Eugenics” shit. You might call those thoughts “values” but others, including a huge percentage of the new generation disagree; they’ve been thinking for themselves and they’re armed with *information*.

    Look at the happy couples / individuals and look at the unhappy ones… and count the number of unplanned kids they have. What Sanger may have thought tangential to making birth control available is simply irrelevant to that reality. And leaving race out of the equation, if you consider a potential mother who has no option but bringing a child into the world and not being prepared to or interested in raising it, that does create “undesirables.” And kids who grow up feeling undesirable sometimes turn out great, but many times turn out to meet exactly what is expected of them. Which sucks for them and everyone around them.



    Quit trying to put words in my mouth. I don’t think the human body or sex is evil, and I already said that I believe in the responsible use of birth control. The fact that children (and yes, teenagers are still children – the fact that you don’t think so reveals that you probably are either in or still close to your teenage years and you don’t have children yourself) are exposed to ‘the craziest pr0n imaginable’ means that parents have even more of a responsibility to step up and make sure that their children understand that sex isn’t just about fucking, that there are emotional rewards and emotional damage that can accompany the act.

    Shipping kids off to Planned Parenthood and expecting an organization to do the job of parenting is irresponsible, especially given Planned Parenthood’s track record of illegally failing to report adults knocking up young teenagers. No parent who is actually interested in parenting their kid would let their kid set foot in a Planned Parenthood unaccompanied. You’re probably going to try to misinterpret this as saying I’d deny a teenager birth control, which isn’t the case – what I’m saying is that unless a parent actually knows that the values and ideas that are going to be taught to their child are in line with their home values, it’s irresponsible to give their children alone time with an adult in an environment where sex is going to be discussed.

    So I suppose if your personal values include having a 15-year-old getting knocked up by a 23-year-old and not notifying the parents or the police, but instead educating the teenager on how to go across state lines to get an abortion, you can send your kids unaccompanied to Planned Parenthood.


    My mom took me to our GP (doctor) when I was 16 to get birth control. I’d been dating, my now, husband for a few months and I guess it was clear we were ‘together’ As a diabetic it would be very dangerous for me to try to carry a baby to full term, so if I wanted to avoid the necessity of an abortion, I needed to have birth control that I controlled. My doc was cool about it, but I know other people whose docs wouldn’t prescribe it for them. What then, if Planned Parenthood is not there?


    Again, I’m not saying no birth control. The key is, *your mom* took you to the doctor, it’s something your mom took an active part in and made sure you had the emotional and logical tools to deal with your decision to have sex. I have no problem with access to birth control, I’d *much* rather see a teenager on birth control than a teenager having an abortion and I’m enough of a realist to recognize that very few teenagers are going to practice abstinence.

    The problem I have is that Planned Parenthood encourages parents to step away from their parental responsibilities by stepping in as de facto parents, providing the ability to act sexually at a young age without providing the accompanying guidance on feelings and consequences. So much of what’s important about parenting is being destroyed by institutions that want to step in for parents that don’t take responsibility, instead of having a cultural expectation of the parents (or a close family member or friend if the parents absolutely refuse) actually parenting. (Which is why I’m absolutely against the teaching of morality, religion, or politics of any sort in schools, but that’s for another post.)

    I’d much rather see a free/discount clinic that encourages parents and children discussing sex, birth control, and the emotional, physical, and sociological ramifications of sex, rather than an organization that encourages the exclusion of parents from the birth control decisions of their children, especially when they perpetuate children being in danger from older predators by their practice of not reporting even wildly inappropriate cases of statutory rape.


    Apologies, I knew what you meant and answered badly. I was trying to say I was lucky. I had good parents that cared about my health, were realists and pragmatic. I feel for the kids who don’t. I had friends that went to their docs and either the doc called their parents (no confidentiality under 18), or just refused. I see so many kids that are emotionally older than their parents. The kids know they shouldn’t have unprotected sex, but can’t go to their parents because they believe in abstinence only, or they’re too young, before marriage is a no-no, etc… I do think a 16 year old (age of consent on most states) should have the ability to go to Planned Parenthood (or similar organization) w/out their parents.


    I think some teenagers and some beyond their teens are mental “children,” but that doesn’t change biological or consequential reality. Anyone in their mid or late teens who brings a child to term has a permanent change to their lives. Likewise, anyone in mid to late teens who commits murder is generally treated like an adult… serious behaviors with serious consequences usually result in the person in question being deemed “adult” despite our country’s legal 18 year thing, or various other ages in other countries, etc…

    I’ll use some of your own words to show exactly what I’m disagreeing with here: “Planned Parenthood offer children a way to engage in emotionally impactful behavior” No, biological reality for the entire history of humankind has offered that. What Planned Parenthood offers are some health and safety information to mitigate harm that might occur in those situations.

    I’ve lived in a backwards, rural part of the USA during my late teens. Your claim, “it’s irresponsible to give their children alone time with an adult in an environment where sex is going to be discussed,” fails in light of situations where there is a societal and parental failure to teach proper sex ed and a societal and retailing failure to make contraception and protections obtainable (an 18 year old friend of mine was *carded* at a store when trying to buy condoms). *Any* provider of factual, scientific health and safety information about sex, as well as contraception and protection would have been enormously helpful in combating the teen pregnancy rate in that county. In every single high school class I had there, there was always a gestating student, and several who already had kids. In my younger brother’s middle school, there was a pregnant girl in every one of his classes. This was a place that was all about “parental rights” etc… blah blah blah ad infinitum. Guess what? The instant someone biologically capable gets sexually active, they’ve taken on their own set of parental rights and their choices will impact *the rest of their lives* a lot more so than the new *grand* parents. Most of those teenagers who got pregnant in school failed to finish, failed to attend college, failed to keep a household or raise those children.

    You seem to claim a lot of knowledge about Planned Parenthood. There are a lot of groups publishing a lot of information about Planned Parenthood… groups who oppose one of their services so fervently, that they might use as much propaganda technique as they possibly can to sway opinion. My knowledge of Planned Parenthood comes from my early-30s significant other choosing them for standard gyn appointment and contraception during an insurance coverage switch, as well as hearing talks from them in various presentations. They don’t present about the “emotional values” etc… that you demand be the sole dominion of parents and grand parents; they present about scientific fact and health and safety. If the (to-be-grand)parent has been so extremely irresponsible to neglect to teach their child about these facts as well as about the emotional impacts and the values they wish to impart by the time the teenager in question needs to visit Planned Parenthood, then *no one* is being wronged by Planned Parenthood’s actions. A parent who has provided their teen with that information has nothing to fear from the teen hearing more of it.

    My personal values would support Planned Parenthood providing information to a 15, 20, 30, etc… year old who shows up at their office requesting information. My values do not demand that Planned Parenthood involve themselves in the requestor’s personal life beyond that… I don’t think they’re there to replace parents, as you suggest… they’re there to fill one particular gap caused by a massive failure on the part of many parents and society at large in the US. That hypothetical 15 year old impregnated by a 23 year old has *already* been failed by her parents… it was their place to prepare her for biological and consequential adulthood and it was their place to know about and help her with relationship issues… It is Planned Parenthood’s place to dispense information and services.


    Well said.


    ‘The fuck, AliceH, are you a major troll or something?
    Thumbs up to PathogenAntifreeze x1000.

    Have you ever even been to a Planned Parenthood, AliceH? Is any of your information first-hand or did your parents just teach you this?
    Planned Parenthood is frickin’ awesome. I chose them for just a regular gyn appointment. It’s much easier than going to your primary doctor, paying a copay for that, and getting a referral to a gyn, paying a copay for that, etc.
    You don’t have to have insurance (although they take it if you have it) to go to Planned Parenthood, and we all know a rising number of middle class citizens don’t have access to insurance.
    I am actually currently 14 weeks pregnant, and Planned Parenthood is where I went to get my official pregnancy test for free. I would much rather go to them than the many, many faggot “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” where they try to force the bible down your throat.

    Also: “So much of what’s important about parenting is being destroyed by institutions that want to step in for parents that don’t take responsibility.” Yeah, school much? I’ve met very few parents that seem to be interested in “parenting” unless it involves just getting their “princes and princesses” anything they want. Then the kids ask questions and the parents say “Isn’t that what I send you to school for?” and leave it at that. And before you make any assumptions, we actually have a 5-year-old that we (ZOMG unmarried parents) unschool and he is already doing simple multiplication and division and reading cursive handwriting and spelling all over the place and cooking and playing chess and shit.

    Bottom line, Planned Parenthood does NOT replace parents, but in the NUMEROUS situations where parents don’t know a flying fuck about parenting, and in the many situations where parents *do* actually parent and accompany their kids, Planned Parenthood is a GREAT place for teenagers and really anyone (including guys) to go for birth control, education, STD testing, routine exams, and even counseling.


    I have enough personal experience with Planned Parenthood to know firsthand that they were engaging in the same morally reprehensive and illegal behavior over 20 years ago that they are engaging in today. And FYI, my parents think Planned Parenthood is the greatest thing since sliced bread, as it gave them the opportunity to step away from what should have been their responsibility.

    The fact that parents think that they can send their kids to school to receive parenting is not solved by having an organization that aids and abets statutory rape and child abuse do the parenting instead. The existence of organizations to make up for shoddy parenting gives more parents the excuse to pass the buck.


    The fact that parents think that they can send their kids to school to receive parenting is not solved by having an organization that aids and abets statutory rape and child abuse do the parenting instead. The existence of organizations to make up for shoddy parenting gives more parents the excuse to pass the buck.

    What? Not trolling, what do you mean?

    fracked again

    “So I suppose if your personal values include having a 15-year-old getting knocked up by a 23-year-old and not notifying the parents or the police, but instead educating the teenager on how to go across state lines to get an abortion, you can send your kids unaccompanied to Planned Parenthood.”

    If the only way to provide a 15 year old girl with an abortion that she wants is to make a deal with her to not notify the police or her parents, I’m ok with it. Give the girl a chance to get her life together instead of saddling her with a choice between baby and guy that she thinks she is in love with or she is deathly afraid of.


    sounds nonsensical to me. aborting accidental pregnancies will not lead to people never having babies, it will just delay it until they feel they are ready. i don’t see how it has anything to do with racial/social cleansing at all.

    however, i can see how this planned parenthood thing could definetly be a bad thing, re: young peoples development into adults.

    Dude McCoy

    While you are spot on regarding Margaret Sanger (regardless of the social acceptance of racism at the time, that woman was a nutjob), you are misquoting Ginsburg. If you are going to quote someone you should know the context instead of parroting what you read/hear.


    No, I’m not misquoting Ginsburg – you’re assuming I’m offering criticism of her. There’s a reason she voted against Roe v Wade, because she saw at the time the truth about the case. If she’d joined the majority opinion, then there would be cause to criticize her for her statements.

    Dude McCoy

    You weren’t clear, which resulted in my misinterpreting your point. Thanks for carifying, my mistake 🙁


    How did she vote against roe v wade?


    It would be fantastic if the person driving this car did NOT have a handicapped permit. But i think i can see the outline of one hanging on the windshield mirror 🙁

    Couldnt tell what that green ribbon was. Perhaps something similarly wacky and FoxNews-y.


    Yeah, green ribbons are that wacky Support for Iranian voters thingy. Really crazy right-wing shit.


    You ALL are missing the best part of this post. The best part is the fact we have a license plate that can be clearly read!

    We all should call this person and let them know their Blazer is on MCS. (Or at least mail them a letter telling them they suck!)


    Did you do that to the dude with the PDOBEAR license plate?


    AliceH – No I didn’t. Overall, I’m not motivated enough. 😉

    natedog – You are right.


    why not just let them be a douchebag?


    Because they lead others into the same deep dark hole and make it hard for the rest of us. You can’t educate this kind dope, they’re fools for life.

    A few more years and the US will probably have a “Palinesque”(tm) potus.


    huh, shouldn’t someone block out that license plate before someone gets sued ??


    You’re joking, right? It’s out in a public place, it’s not like anyone broke into someone’s house to take the picture. What are they going to sue for?

    I repeat, first, kill all the lawyers.


    No I’m not joking..
    There are privacy issues in a civilized society, even for F*cktards like this….
    Yes the vehicle was in a public place…
    But I’ll let you catch up on all the problems displaying a picture of someone’s vehicle on a website with a identifiable property (plate) can have… I’d rather Tiki not have to deal with this guy’s ambulance chaser y’know…

    ***err on the side of reason, or walk into my line of sight pls***


    Google ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’. Anyone can sue anyone for anything, granted, but suing over posting this would get tossed out faster than most of youse guys’ ejaculation times. And I’d bet that the plaintiff would have to pay all the court costs and attorney fees.

    I repeat, first, kill all the lawyers. Especially any lawyer who would actually agree to file a suit in a situation like this.


    How’s about you look up nuisance lawsuits first ? 😉
    or ” ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ yourself….
    Have you seen how mangle it’s become lately ?

    BTW : Killing all the lawyers makes as much sense as throwing the baby out with the bathwater…sort them out first, there are some just ones out there too you know… ;-P


    Nothing that’s happening in any of the privacy lawsuits have anything to do with photographing an inanimate object in a public place. They’re along the lines of ‘you drove up on to my public property’ or ‘you came in to my office/school/whatever and took pictures/videotaped’.

    Killing all the lawyers = fresh start. Just to be sure. (and in case you can’t detect hyperbolic sarcasm, my family and friends are overrun with lawyers, and one of my closer internet friends is a personal injury lawyer. Doesn’t mean the John Edwards types don’t need to be nuked from orbit.)


    You still smell like scotch, please step out of the veHICle… ;P


    ‘The fact that parents think that they can send their kids to school to receive parenting is not solved by having an organization that aids and abets statutory rape and child abuse do the parenting instead. The existence of organizations to make up for shoddy parenting gives more parents the excuse to pass the buck.’

    planned parenthood= statutory rape and child abuse?!

    Do you mean organizations like church?

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