latex hood ornament

latex hood ornament

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    Sweet! It is also providing the motive power!

    This is relevant to my interests.


    I don’t see a hood.


    Wow I need a bike like that…sit down and it’s water proof…


    HAHAHAHA!!! you should see the videos of these two… hilarity. Apparently this guy makes all kinds of different “vehicles” for his wife to “ride”. Seriously, there is a dildo involved in every one. Look it up.


    Oh shit, is this the guy with the wheelchair??




    Further back into my adolescence, I spent far too much time on the “darker” sides of the internet. While I have since decided to remove that particular pass time from my routine, the memories and internal reference remain. The image is from To sum up, it’s a bondage porn website. It has a partial focus, though, on a niche fetish called “forniphilia” which is getting off on the idea of using people (usually women, obviously) as furniture. Or, in the case of this image, a vehicle.


    Dyon 86

    He’s got the horn.

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