cure for obama communism is a new era of mccarthyism

cure for obama communism is a new era of mccarthyism

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    This pipsqueak’s parents weren’t even around to experience McCarthy’s inquisition. I wonder if anyone in his family has read a book that wasn’t written by a radical right-winger.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    This shit has gone too far. Righter wingers are to point where they are murdering innocent people:
    Are we going to wait for another Oklahoma City? Its one thing to disagree about policy, but at this point, if you support the Republican party you’re basically supporting terrorism against your own country.

    tiki god

    that’s some scary shit.


    It’s got to stop. The language being used on the Right is so inflammatory, that they can’t blithely claim that they hold no responsibility in these violent acts. If movies, television and music can influence the thoughts and emotions of the public (as they love to tell us), how then claim “I didn’t want anyone to act on what I said, or how I said it.”? When pundits become the titular heads of a political party, that party is doomed.


    The sickening part is how much damage they’ll do on their way down the tubes.


    Sadly I know and met dozens of people here in Texas who feel that way AND sometimes mix it with religion. Best part is most of them are educated or are actively involved in Republican events/movements.

    You can be conservative but don’t be a fucking idiot at the same time.


    I got the ultimate cure for eveything, including this idiot and everything else, fire and lots of it.
    We throw Earth into the sun.


    What a lil dumbass


    Please come visit America… Or Not.


    If you can’t explain/spell whats on your shirt, you should totally STFU.

    fracked again

    I never understood how McCarthyism got off the ground in the first place. Shouldn’t freedom of assembly and freedom of speech guarantee the right to any American to belong to any political party?


    DAMMIT! The Reds were after their kids, there wasn’t any time for this reason and liberty crap you speak of!


    I hope that kind is wearing it for the irony. Probably not. I still can’t believe the media has fanned this thing to the level that it’s gotten to. No, I’m not just blaming Fox News, though that video of the producer egging the chanters on at the 50,000 person march is deliciously disgraceful: No, it’s also the “liberal media” who keeps running these stories, pushing them for protests, and lending it legitimacy through its coverage, because it sells papers and makes ratings. Fox News are the retards that would rather burn the ship down with them on it… Read more »


    Dude, fucking Sanchez on CNN is begging people to stop being so reactionary and switch channels, to look at the other side’s viewpoint for once, and is castigating bad journalism, of which Fox News is clearly the worst. I’m not saying CNN is great, there’s not a fucking real journalist employed there, but Fox News is way more involved in the shit they’re reporting.


    McCarthyism? As in that time that some douche said ” I have a List! No you can’t look at the List! You are questioning the List? You are on the List now!”


    I am guessing this kid is home schooled? I went to a private school and learned that McCarthyism was bad. History kid, you are doing it wrong.


    I am not against homeschooling for the most part, btw. Sometimes there are people who do it for the absolute wrong reasons.


    I believe that’s commissar doing some real life trolling…


    his parents watch Fox News. it’s not his fault- he’s been brainwashed. he probably believes in god, too. poor kid.


    seriously- that sign should say: MY PARENTS ARE DOUCHE BAGS!


    nyokki & et al. Have you ever read the words of the founders? they were often extremely inflammatory. The level of power the Federal Government has is far out of bounds compared to what it was ever intended to have. It is hard enough to make your State come to heel, the Federal Government really (realisticly) answers to no one other then itself. That said I look back on McCarthy and shudder. Every American should. Every Conservative should (and those that are not tards, do) Those of us on the “Right” are not has evil as you think, we have… Read more »


    @ GAThrawn:
    “For example. Do I think homosexuality is wrong.

    I have a moral opinion on that. But I do not have the right to punish you for your actions.
    The Government as no right to be involved in it at all; it is a personal issue.”

    So you agree that same sex marriage should be legal in all 50 states? Beacuse THAT would be the government not getting involved.

    Understanding that by marriage I mean civil union, granting all rights as a spouse including hospital visitation, tax and adoption rights.

    Not bashing, just genuinely curious what you meant.


    I never said people on the Right were wrong, crazy or anything. If you don’t want to be put in a basket w/ the crazies you need to get rid of them. Denounce them, every time. Mention ELF in a room full of liberals and nearly everyone will say they’re fanatic assholes. We don’t say that they have the right idea, they just overdo it. No, they’re insane, stupid and represent nothing but violence and stupidity. That’s what you need to do, louder than the crazies can yell…and more often.


    ……fuck, whatever.