Modern Character Designers Are Very Creative

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    I had noticed this trend before.


    Bald heads require no physics application to the hair, which we ALL care deeply about.

    Doc Shadow

    And also require fewer polys. And on that note, they also generally require at least one less texture for baldness in most cases.

    These examples always make me think of the very impressive models that 3D Design students turn in that are in the tens to hundreds of thousands polygon range and will unfortunately never see the light of day in a game.


    I was looking at this for about 10 seconds wondering what the pattern was…

    Then I realized the title was sarcastic.


    They forgot Red Faction Guerrilla.


    They don’t only look the same, with the exception of Mario, they have very little variation in any kind of personality either.


    Which is exactly the point – the title is sarcastic, showing how little creativity there is in character design for modern games. He just forgot the pilcrow. 😉

    However, that doesn’t mean the game itself is bad. The point of the game isn’t who has the most creative main character.


    Besides, my Shepard had hair and was a really old Mexican guy.