Halo 3 – ODST Drop Date


oh guess what I’m going to be playing?

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    LOL HALO! Get a real game.

    tiki god

    you have suggestions? I mean, you’re mom’s all played out, so I have to move on to something


    Call of Duty?


    with your self?

    tiki god

    I have a core group of tards that I play games like this with.


    When I get my Xbox fixed I will join your group of tard. Probably calling India tomorrow and then I dunno how long it’ll take form there. It won’t read the disks. So hopefully Microsoft will send it back quick FIXED. I have to pay 20 bucks too. What assholes!


    Worked all day today. Picking it up tomorrow morning.

    tiki god

    I had it on preorder from amazon. the ONLY reason I did this is that they said they would give me a code to play as sgt johnson, but the fuckers totally fucked me over and didn’t send the code. It’s the last time I ever pre order anything from amazon. I love them to death, but seriously, how hard is it to email codes out?


    I just ran down to BestBuy and picked up MY copy.
    This and CODMC2 will probably be the last games I
    can afford this year.

    @Tiki-G you on 360 or ps3? if 360 wuz yer gamertag?

    tiki god

    tgiokdi on teh 360.

    tiki god

    but I generally already have a large bucket of people to play with.


    Understood. Soon enough all I want is one match AGAINST you. 🙂
    I am no GOD, but better than your average FPS.
    When I am not training military/police/civis in tactical
    combat scenarios with real weapons, I like ta do the same on da xbox

    Luke Magnifico

    Oh, I see what you’re saying. Let me paraphrase.

    Videogames. They have weapons in them. I want you all to think I’m a badass, so what I’m going to do is use this videogames conversation and attach this very nearly but NOT QUITE completely unrelated piece of information so that people will think I am a cool dude.

    And then I’ll sign off and masturbate myself to sleep.


    Good paraphrase! All the way down to the last line non the less.


    M mcs name is also my gamertag and I have no friends because I’m awful.

    teezy weezy

    27th meh, ODST drops to ebay.


    Man, Halo sucks.

    It’s to FPS as WoW is to role playing. Overrated bullshit.

    Luke Magnifico

    what is this i don’t even

    You are a stupid boy.


    Halo does suck. Seriously that game was about as innovative and groundbreaking as a kid who learns bob dylan songs.


    Everyone needs to shut the fuck up. Halo defined a generation. It helped secure a console in the annals of history. It is a pretty bad ass game. And the fact that you aren’t even Master Chief in this one, and have more abilities, like your visor, it’s bad ass.

    also, Tiki, if you really want sgt. johnson you can pay $15 (!!!) for it at www.getxboxcodes.com or go to www.cheapassgamer.com and look in the CAG Trading forum. People were getting rid of it for $5 earlier…


    Everyone needs to shout out loud how bad Halo sucks. Halo defined a generation in which all the annoying tards that were playing GTAI II for the random killing and not the missions migrated to the FPS genre. It helped secure a console that obviously had little else going at that time yet morons believe it was saved by a bland texture-less repetitive poor imitation of a WASD-based action/adventure game in the perspective of a first person. Surely a few lame additions to the character after almost a decade is nothing to laugh at.


    There are worse games out there than Halo. So much worse. You just cannot think of them because they aren’t worth remembering. There are different types of FPS’s. Halo is fantasy and the best fantasy shooter out there with one of the most original story lines.


    this thread lookin more like the southpark auditorium.