Earthrace boat

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Pretty sure this hasn’t been posted to mcs. I thought it worthy.

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    I’m inclined to agree.


    Do want.


    I’m sorry, I have mistaken you with an Arwing from Starfox.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Oh boy, a carbon neutral boat. You know what else is a carbon neutral boat? Every friggin’ sailboat ever.


    I’m with reboot here. Buying carbon credits hardly makes you truely carbon neutral. Someone managed to get themselves a really fancy boat for free because it happens to be constructed of 10% real hippy.


    10 percent hippy? put that in a pipe and smoke it


    Looks like this guy is going to help the Sea Shepherds to try and stop illegal Japanese whalers because he got pissed this was happening in his backyard and that he had a boat that could do something about it. Here’s a quote from the owner who’s prepping the ship so it can do battle in the Antarctic waters: “We’re adding between 8 layers and 4 layers of kevlar, depending on area, all over the underwaterline sections, as well as some areas above the waterline. Earthrace is pretty much all carbon, which is brittle, especially as it gets colder. The… Read more »


    These Sea Shepherds don’t need another boat that can SINK. They need a boat that can take getting hit with ice so that they don’t have to be careful and chase those fucking illegal Japanese Whalers back to Japan with no kills.


    1. Get a Sea Shepherd boat
    2. Add Ice Breaker
    3. ????????
    4. Profit

    tiki god

    those fucking sea shepherd fucking pieces of shit need to go diaf. what they’re doing is illegal, and hopefully they’ll get killed doing it.

    fracked again

    Personally, I want them to go zombie pirate style. Attack the whale boats, board and then eat the Japanese sailors. That will put a stop to whaling!

    I don’t like the Shepherds, but Japan has eaten damn near every fish in their coastal waters and are working on the rest of the Pacific. We shouldn’t just let them kill whales for “research” when everybody knows its for food, or they will manage to eat all of them too. But all the Sea Shepherds do is act like a bunch of fuckups.


    Otherwise that is a cool looking boat. I’d take one.


    Will it take off?