Snake With Foot

snake-foot.jpg (40 KB)

so yeah, this is my first ever post *crows cheers?* saw this in biology when reading up on news then saw it later on geeokologie. pretty cool

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    This shit fascinates the hell out of me.


    The best explanation I have heard is that the leg is actually from a lizard that the snake ate. The leg popped out of a hole made when the snake was wacked by the shoe. There’s an obvious food lump around the leg.


    That doesn’t explain the fact that the leg and the ‘lump’ are the same color-scale pattern as the rest of the snake, nor the lack of blood or any kind of wound around the leg, and also that the woman saw the legged thing before she hit it with the shoe.

    Your explanation is stretching to be skeptical and therefore lame.


    Well you can have two headed turtles, and siamese snakes, why not a snake with a leg?


    Behold evidence of an intelligent creator!