The Kings new shoe rack

IMG00122-20090914-2021.jpg (244 KB)

IMG00124-20090914-2022.jpg (200 KB)

IMG00129-20090914-2153.jpg (180 KB)

IMG00130-20090914-2153.jpg (204 KB)

IMG00133-20090914-2154.jpg (171 KB)

Picked this up for $6 each, stackable. It’s actually 2 units stacked just so you guys know 😉

It fits all my shoes except the ghetto brand jordan and zoo york, my sandals, and my work shoes.

I know it’s only 5 pictures but I’ll try to get a photobucket and post the whole set ASAP

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    YA RLY

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    How do you starve casemods to death?

    Hide his welfare check underneath his work shoes!


    hey faggot how did you log on to my account gtfo


    Yup Nyokki, I totally get it now.


    You know, I really am not satisfied with this, you’re showing us only what, 5 different angles of your shoes? How am I supposed to sleep at night.


    Also, everyone who thinks reboot should give up his career as a scientist and become a comedian instead raise their hands.


    Where’s the display rack for all the matching purses?


    I don’t understand why this reply has been voted down. That was hilarious, Mod. I think that may have been one of the best casemods comebacks so far.

    At this point, you’re posting this stuff to get people riled, aren’t you. Now. Now I approve. STIR SHIT MY FRIEND. STIR SHIT.

    fracked again

    Yeah, that was actually clever. I’m sure it was totally by accident.


    What the fuck is this shit?

    I want my wasted bandwidth and time back.


    Wow, just when I think you can’t be any more of a lame little bitch you go and prove otherwise.

    What’s next, “Your momma…” jokes?


    Casemods, you are such a woman.


    Yes. Yes you are.


    I like the blue ones, and the brown ones to their right, and the green ones under.

    Billy Manic

    Aha, that’s way too many shoes for a guy, silly old casemods, you card.


    Only a woman would own this many / be this proud of shoes.


    Tiki rejects all sorts of cool shit, and yet we get to see every crevice of casemods’ house? Did casemods donate or something?


    27 comments in < 1 hour; that's why. Also, tiki likes fucking w/ us.


    Imelda? Is that you?


    I was thinking the exact same thing.


    Few things worth noting here:
    1) I think my parents just bought some of these same shelves.
    2) The four guys in my family combined have fewer shoes than this.
    3) nearly 30 comments, over half of them are Casemods whining about his pretty ol’ shoes.
    4) Knowing what kind/number of shoes or posters or various other things you own is most certainly not cool.

    tiki god

    fuck you, casemods is awesome.


    I cannot vote this down enough.


    I personally think that Casemods is either more than one person, or more likely, a multi-personality Schizophrenic; in which one of them personalities is a world class troll. At any rate he’s good for a LOT of site taffic.


    Actually as a Psychologist, I can tell you that many Schizophrenic patients hold stable jobs.


    casemods is arguing with itself… and losing.

    tiki god

    says you


    suck it


    If you know what you got, then you ain’t got much, son.


    Father: What did you buy with your check today?

    Casemods: Meth and shoes.

    Father: Son, how do you expect to change the world and become a better person?

    Casemods: Meth, shoes, fatties and my sweet ass Go Ped.



    Kik Dogg

    I don’t know why these people are all being so mean. Your mom’s basement is really starting to shape up! (Tough place to bring a “girl” back to, though…)


    sure it isn’t the ‘butter’ that melts?


    I fucking hate you i cannot say it enough i fucking hate you
    you are the scum of this world you racist white trash dog fucking little faggot
    if i knew where you lived so help me god i would shove your precious shoes up your ass, break your hands so bad that you would never be able to use them ever again which means no more photography no more jaking off to jeffree star and no more typing up your stupid comments about your pointless exsistance
    just fucking die

    Special Kail

    Just a couple of things…
    1. If you’re actually going to get into a flamewar with casemods ur sillier than he is. especially this fag above me “arr I’m gonna kill you through the internetz.” what a douche.

    2. This douche has 15 pairs of skating shoes and he’s clearly never boarded in any of them. So he’s really just a big poser, but whatev.

    3. I’m a dude and I have way more shoes than that. There’s nothing wrong with liking to coordinate outfits. Hoes love coordination.


    number one im a chick
    number two go suck a dick your comment doesnt even make sense youre insulting and complimenting him at the same time and if you have more shoes then casemeth look at natedogs comment better yet here it is for you so that you dont hurt your little brain trying to find it
    that is you
    “hoes” dont love coordination, i can say so cuz im a chick and only butt pirates coordinate outfits
    ps never said through the internet fuckface if i knew where he parked his trailer i would kill him

    Special Kail

    In wat way do I compliment him?

    Fag doesn’t necessarily indicate gender, you dumb bitch. I just was pointing out that your 15 year old emo ass is retarded for being all “ima kill you! RAWR!”

    And the point natedog was making is its fag to put all your shit on display and take pictures of it like the guy in the picture you linked. Besides, come up with your own shit, you ignorant weepy emo dyke.


    Also not cool calling random people on the internet and women in general (Unless they like it): Hoe, dumb, bitch, emo, retarded, dyke.

    If you are going to lecture people, have some fucking class and dignity.

    Special Kail totally pulled a casemods.


    Thank you


    3. I’m a dude and I have way more shoes than that. There’s nothing wrong with liking to coordinate outfits. Hoes love coordination.
    theres your compliment to him
    oh my god youre so smart!!!
    how did you do that???
    you know that im a dyke or a fag, you seem to keep changing your mind on that one, via the internet!!!
    I dont even have any form of social networking and yet you know???
    wow what are you chris angel??? david blaine???
    emo? me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!


    suck a dick you fucking pedo


    o own a lot of shoes. of course, my feet stopped growing when i was in 7th grade, and i’m older than dirt now. do you want to see my shoes? LOL

    lemon floor wax

    Yes please. Anything would be better.


    Wow. What an engineering accomplishment. The pyramids look pale in comparison. This even outdoes your gold medal at the Special Olympics. Way to go.


    I’d just like to say the comment voting system is perfect for cockblocking Case….this thread wins