I’m innocent!


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    fracked again

    No you aren’t. You are a raccoon.


    No you aren’t. You are a mouse


    No you aren’t. you are me.


    I like raccoons.

    tiki god

    back in my college days, I had a house with 3 other fraternity brothers, and we would have parties every weekend. it was awesome, but that’s not the point of this story. the point of this story is that we would always float at least 2 kegs and by the end of the night there would be cups half full of beer just sitting around because drunk people had forgotten about their drink and had just abandoned it. Ends up, we had a family of raccoons in the neighborhood that really appreciated this. There was a few times that around… Read more »


    This is pretty awesome, I’d saw.


    Aawww… So cute… But we all know you, you adorable ‘coon…

    YOU LIE!