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Russell Brand’s gimmick is yelling and trying too hard.

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    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, I can dig this.


    Tell him try harder because i’ve never heard of him.


    this guy was really funny in the movie forgetting sarah marshall. but literally every other time i’ve heard or seen him I effing hate this guy.


    Graduate of the “Dane Cook School of Comedy.”


    Damn, you beat me to it, I was gonna say something along those lines. YELLING IS NOT COMEDY!


    Sam Kinison


    Watching the VMAs, I was thinking “Man, all this guy is doing is yelling”. I’m glad to hear others know exactly how I felt.

    teezy weezy

    cnat understand comedy ␦


    I do not agreed. I find his comedy intelligent. He doesn’t yell all the time. The only time I saw him do that was in his comedy special when he was reading his death threat letters from after last year’s MTV VMA awards. He was shouting when the letter was in capitals. The rest of his comedy is that nice British humor I like a lot. I saw hints of Monty Python and Douglas Adams in his style. I find him to be rather poetic and definitely smart. If you all don’t get his comedy, that’s fine, I don’t expect… Read more »


    I almost agreed with you ’til the last line.

    “I don’t expect everyone to be smart enough.”

    Go fuck yourself, and a smarter person wouldn’t have started a paragraph with “I do not agreed.”


    That was a mistype, not a misspelling, and you are taking stuff WAY to personally.


    Is this where I’m supposed to agree with you because you’ve equated finding him funny with being smart?

    Oh hello, appeal to flattery, I don’t believe we’ve met. That’s probably because you’re a giant fallacious cunt.


    No, I don’t just think he’s smart because he’s funny. You can be funny and dumb as a brick… It’s the content of his comedy, the words he uses, and his manner of speech that lets me know he’s smart. I’m just saying that because Russel is smart, maybe most of his humor went over the head of those of you who have a lower IQ.


    I agree that he was pretty funny as a character in sarah marshall. And sure, he seems intelligble and has moments where he can be hysterically funny.

    HOWEVER, when i watched 30 minute or however long it was thing on Comedy Central, all he did was talk about how famous he is and how awesome it is to be famous and how you can’t have his haircut unless you’re famous. This depressed me and turned me off of his him. He has great potential though.


    Russell who?


    i think russell brand is pretty clever and witty but maybe not smart, if you heard about his radio show 😛

    before he got kicked off he was a genius on the radio show, which was by far some of the funniest stuff ive ever heard.


    There are different kinds of smart. It wasn’t too smart of him to become a drug addict either…