Artistic Israeli Tank

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This is a snap from my days serving in the IDF.

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    The Merkava MBT have and Sci-Fi Design…


    I hope the occupants had a slow and painfull death. Jews make me sick


    finally, a real man with a real opinion on MCS


    It’s not Jews as a people, it’s Israel as a country. It’s easy to blame religion, but it has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with a country (Israel) and its economy, and other countries that are sick of being exploited as an import market and as a cheap labor market. Further, it has to do with State-justified terrorism on both sides of the problem. Every time an IDF soldier drives a tank through civilian territory or a Palestinian arms him or herself, they exacerbate the problem and seal the deal on any compromise. Interestingly, the PLO… Read more »


    That is not 100% true. Israel has offered to recognize palestine as a state on multiple occasions.

    fracked again

    As a handful of unconnected dots on a map.


    What are you talking about? Netenyahu for the first time in his entire life requested a two state solution. In a 2007 poll of adults in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank by the Jerusalem Media & Communication Centre, 46.7% of respondents favored a two-state solution, followed by 26.5% for a binational state (the one-state solution


    This has been a recent development as the state of Israel has realized, amongst other things their people have made them aware of (this shit is bananas, fucking stop it you State-terrorist pricks), that the farce of justifying a war on terror when it’s terror you’ve created and systematically enforced to prevent a country from developing is not going to be able to go on forever. Iran doesn’t help.

    The occasions are rare, and the conditions very, very strict and tight compared to the more generous PLO suggestions.


    Well i do agree that the most recent conditions were strict. Netenyahu called for palestine to demilitarize should the two state solution be enacted. I think that is somewhat unreasonable since most nations have the right to a defense force, i mean even Japan and Germany were allowed to have their militaries. What offers did the PLO offer? I know that throughout the 60’s 70’s the PLO was linked to terrorism nad they earned the title of being a terrorist organization . As far as i know it wasn’t until the Oslo Accords that Yasser Arafat said “israel has a… Read more »


    1971, for one example. Rather early one at that. If you have access, you can get the AP cited version of it in Ha’aretz, November 13, 1981 by Amos Elon. Notice this is an Israeli newspaper. The person seeking peace from the PLO was Anwar Sadat. Before being assassinated in 1981, he had made several efforts at peace recognizing Israel’s sovereignty. Intrepid internet searchers would do well to search newspapers not printed in the United States, like European or specifically British ones, as our nation has made quite a concerted effort to suppress all but demonizations of the Palestinians. The… Read more »


    Er, for the PLO, I should say. Sadat being president of Egypt at the time, but this was waaayyy before the Peace Accords.


    Wasn’t able to find the haaretz article. Was it an official political action or was it an op-ed article of some sort? Because at the time neither group recognized eachothers right of existence.


    I would start there. In addition, if you have access to the library, try to find The Chomsky Reader (ISDN 0-394-75173-6). His essay called “Rejectionism and Accommodation” has a lot of insightful information on the subject of Arab baseless rejectionism on Israel’s part. I understand you might not like Chomsky, but he DOES cite his sources. It might be easier to point you there rather than run down a list of citations.


    The core of the issue is… Why they are all fighting over that scrape of land.


    Don’t know. Theologically speaking the jews and muslims have no reason to hate eachother. They both worship the same god. As a Jew myself i find the whole conflict absurd since i have no ill-will towards the muslims.


    …on the other hands, considering that those cowards are fighting against boys who can do little more than throw stones, I’m pretty sure they walked away laughing.



    You can keep your religious war.


    Nice failtroll!


    Isreal and Palestine can either find peace or go fuck themselves.

    teezy weezy

    who fucking cares


    People who actually care about what is going on around the world and what drives our political alignment in the world.




    I guess because the turret is kind of flat?


    The Merkava Mk IV is actually a rather aesthetically unique design, compared to most other tanks. And then you have that beautiful hilly backdrop… so, imho, yes. Artistic. Especially if you like tanks. 😀


    Merkava Mark IV … again.
    kickass design


    Thx, you’re welcome too.


    Israeli tanks, good for crushing Palestinian houses to enable the expansion of illegal settlements. Also good for crushing kids throwing stones and blowing up UN buildings that inconveniently talk about international law and remind the world that Israel has sanctions against it and is facing charges of war crimes and crimes against humanitity


    James, its Israel, it will always crush any opposition, preach that its every military act is justified, in the eyes of israel they never commit ‘crimes’
    like in a previous conflict, they bombed the crap out of a civilian area and claimed that “the palestinians put women and children in that area as human shields”